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Current Impact Risks

Observers, mission planners, and other interested users are invited to use the following tool to identify future observing opportunities for those near-Earth objects that may be well-suited to future human space flight round trip rendezvous missions. 292 more words


Laravel Logs to Sentry

If text-based logging is all you have, you should give a try to Sentry. It’s an amazing way to visualize and get notified about exceptions. 244 more words


Christmas Picket

[This post originally appeared on December 25, 2011.]

One hundred fifty years ago today, a nineteen-year-old Confederate soldier named Valerius Cincinnatus Giles (right, 1842-1915) went out on picket duty along the Potomac. 1,081 more words


New Avengers Volume One Issue 8

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Penciler Steve McNiven

Inker Mark Morales

Artist, Pages 1 – 3 Sal Buscema

Colorist Morry Hollowell

Letterers Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne… 880 more words


The Sentry tells you if someone is sneaking up on you while you're, um, gaming

Say you’re, like, um, gaming on your computer with headphones on. And you’re like… um. Really into the game? And someone sneaks up on you from behind and you don’t have time to… pause… the game? 166 more words


The AWS juggernaut

After last year’s AWS re:Invent conference, we posed the question, “Is Amazon the Most Important Enterprise Company?

Having just returned from re:Invent 2016, we can say the answer is a resounding “Yes”.   834 more words