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The Spit of Xanderiev

The Sentry’s Diary, I

6 Ebon Frost 2309

The tiny man keeps ogling me funny. I feel the wanderer will do harm to Master Irthyn. I must study and eliminate him, if the need comes. 2,022 more words


laravel 5.4 sentry boilerplate

Sentinel is a complete refactor of our popular Sentry authentication & authorization library. Everything you admired plus a whole lot more.

Registration. 58 more words

Laravel 5.4

This is the Life

G F Eb F A |-5——-5——-|-3——-3—–|-1——-5—3—|—0-3——| E |-7—7—7—7—|-5—5—5—5-|-3—3—6—5—|-1-1-1——| C |—–7——-7—|—–5——-5-|—–3———–|-0-0-0——| G |—————–|—————|—————–|-2-2-2——|
Gm F
Gm F The hills make me wanna run and play Eb F Every time I think of you Gm F And I wanna go up and sit right down Eb F And look at the ocean so blue… 357 more words


Paradise : Kolohe Kai

Dave: Drums  Dusty: bass  Alana: keyboard/vocals  Kyle: sax  Sentry: ukulele/vocals  Camille: lead vocals/guitar  Cody: vocals/harmonica



F#m: 244222

B: x24442

C#m: x46654

A: x02220 or 577655… 308 more words

Install and configure Sentry

Before adding Sentry, below are the general prerequisites need to be done.

This may be mentioned in the problem description.

Please confirm the hive warehouse directory detail in /etc/hive/conf/hive-site.xml file. 350 more words


In Spring

I planted a garden,
which means I dug up
buckets of dirt, dug out
weeds, disturbed
the red ants.
They swarmed up
the shovel handle. 79 more words

Promises to tomorrow 31 #love

For so long I have gone to a beautiful piece of poetry to search for a way to describe the essence and potency of love. Rumi exhausted, I return to my roots and find Corinthians 13 waiting for me as always.  617 more words