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Varus Woodland Sentry

I waited for this skin my whole life. But it was once again too bluuuue (I really dislike the way new skins are released with those ugly colors from “My Lil Pony”). 88 more words



The compound where my apartment is located has about ten flats. I am the only unmarried tenant and I can only recognize two of my neighbours. 463 more words


Safe Cracking is [Nate’s] Latest R&D Project

We love taking on new and awesome builds, but finding that second part (the “awesome”) of each project is usually the challenge. Looks like is making awesome the focus of the R&D push he’s driving at Sparkfun. 374 more words


March 13, 1942 US Canine Corps

The history of war dogs is as old as history itself.  The dogs of King Alyattes of Lydia killed some of his Cimmerian adversaries and routed the rest around 600BC, permanently driving the invader from Asia Minor in the earliest known use of war dogs in battle. 1,016 more words

The Enforcers Series

This is something a little different but I though it would be fun to do this. Recently I have been reading a lot of novellas that come in series. 546 more words


Is Sentry the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe?

The Sentry is a superhero who is one of the most powerful heroes ever conceived in a comic book, some people even compare him to Superman. 316 more words