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The Sentry/Hulk #1 of 1

Paul Jenkins // Bill Sienkowicz
February 2001

This mini’s idea is that the Sentry had been central to early Marvel, but he’s been erased from memory—diagetically & exegetically! 82 more words

Captain America

The Sentry/Fantastic Four #1 of 1

Paul Jenkins // Phil Winslade
February 2001

Though Jenkins cleverly presents this as a “lost” issue of Startling Tales, the device is undercut by a flashback frame & fairly conventional super-comics art (albeit w/ a touch of period Neal Adams). 70 more words

Captain America

The Sentry #3 of 5

Paul Jenkins // Jae Lee
November 2000

None of Marvel’s original heroes recognize this Superman riff except the Hulk (a tender, lovely scene). Yet the Sentry’s okay with this—preternaturally so, which gives his tale a dreamlike tone. 36 more words

Mr. Fantastic

The Sentry #2 of 5

Paul Jenkins // Jae Lee
October 2000

A cult gem in Marvel’s early ’00s brush w/ experimentalism. Jenkins’ Sentry also debuts the company’s decade-long obsession w/ the ‘spliced retcon’. 51 more words

Captain America

Change Login Attribute Sentry on Laravel 4

Berikut post singkat bagi anda yang menggunakan package Sentry sebagai autentifikasi user dan anda ingin merubah login attribute dari email ke first name, last name, nik, nip, or whatever : 58 more words

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  • The Sentry #1 of 5

    Paul Jenkins // Jae Lee
    September 2000

    A strange ‘adult’ comic from Marvel’s Knights imprint. Framed as a sad sack battling depression (‘the Void’) & alcoholism, the protag’s delusion of Silver-Age superheroics is revealed as reality in the final panel. 30 more words