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The Sapling Forums reaches Rank 1st/3rd & 4th in Google

I’ve been monitoring the sapling forums rank in google when typing the most popular keyword phrase when searching for animal crossing forums which is:

  1. Animal Crossing Forum…
  2. 288 more words
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SEM & SEO - Brand Identity

The lines between social media marketing and search engine optimisation are slightly blurred. Whilst social platforms like facebook, twitter and discord don’t have an impact on your SEO directly ( 246 more words

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How to Disavow unwanted websites

Google Search Console includes a list of backlinks which google has tracked for your website overtime. Not all links are relevant or positively beneficial to your website and can affect how google views your website, impacting your seo equity. 245 more words

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On Page & Off-Page SEO

There are two categories of SEO techniques which are direct and indirect ranking factors. All your seo techniques will fall under two major categories: on-page seo and off-page seo. 594 more words

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Schema & Structured Data

Schema is a set of specific vocabulary of tags (or microdata) which you can use alongside your html to give search engines more information. For example, you can provide info about an event, a recipe cooking time, the star rating of a service, thumbnail images, all this and more can be displayed through markup. 209 more words

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Rich Snippets

I highly recommend anyone studying the technical aspects of SEO to keep track of MOZ’s ‘seo cheat sheet‘. It is a quick reference to some of the best practises in SEO used by thousands of web developers. 119 more words

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Working against the odds

I’ve encountered numerous problems working with proboards as mentioned in previous posts. Most importantly is the technical constraints I get. Not being able to set my own url canonicalisation, the mess proboards has made of meta descriptions and titles, hta access and general technical seo. 394 more words

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