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"A website is not a marketing plan."

Without an effective marketing plan, you’ll be unable to communicate your unique selling point to your intended target audience (Jantsch and Singleton, 2016. ). Your website is the cornerstone of your strategy, provides the content and provides your product. 610 more words

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Learn how to conduct an seo audit in 5 minutes using 10 steps

Using this quick guide, you can rate the seo equity of a client’s website. This is a basic seo audit but includes important aspects every website should analyse: 97 more words

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2018's modern seo map - what you should be doing constantly

There are multiple steps you should be taking daily or even weekly to make sure your website is constantly seo-friendly and optimised. Figuring this out amongst everything else you should be doing can be daunting at times, so this is my attempt at a list-friendly guide: 335 more words

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Google officially rolls out mobile-first indexing

As of March 26, 2018. Google have officially announced they’ve rolled out mobile-first indexing. SEO professionals have known this since back in 2017, but google didn’t officially state when they would roll this out… 139 more words

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My must-read SEO blogs that can help in achieving Page 1 search results status

Whilst in my current position as a Group marketing manager for a retail beauty company, I was tasked to create a new, all singing, all dancing website that would put… 336 more words


Why is it Essential for your Brand to Hire an Online Brand Reputation Company?

Stats reveal that Google’s first page is an important aspect considered by the current and potential brands for judging the reputation of a business. In a recent study, it has been found that more than 45% of consumers discovered information via a Google search that changed their minds about doing business with a company. 404 more words

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Discord Bots - Role Automation, messages & commands

Discord features customisable bots which can help run discord servers and control features such as roles, moderation, banning members, welcome messages and more. For example, you can install the ‘dyno’ and ‘tatsumaki bots which control role automation/server features and introduces xp leveling systems respectively: 130 more words

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