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The Age of Shadows (2016) *****

The Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945) was a painful experience for the people on the Korean peninsula. The colonial authorities imposed their will brutally, even insisting that Koreans adopt Japanese names, though they did build up the country’s industrial and transport infrastructure. 346 more words

South Korea reports 16 new cases of coronavirus - Times of India

SEOUL: South Korea reported 16 new cases of the coronavirus as official scramble to stem

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Hanji Culture and Industry Center opens to boost Korean traditional paper industry — The Korea Herald

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— by Song Seung-hyun: The Korea Craft and Design Foundation, a public organization affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism, on Wednesday opened the “Hanji Culture and Industry Center” to promote Korean traditional paper hanji. 7 more words


Just rice, water and yeast for this small-batch makgeolli — The Korea Herald

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— by Jean Oh: After a judicious shake, twist of the cap and pour, Hangang Brewery’s 6 percent ABV Naroo Makgeolli gently releases a tart, fermented scent akin to yogurt, followed by a delicate sweetness, nuances of Asian pear and green apple, a silky mouthfeel and a clean finish…

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Ewha: Tips on School Life

Hey guys, I’m back with another post for this week. In this post, I will provide some tips on school life that may be helpful to international students. 465 more words


How can LA urbanize like East Asia? Regional Growth Axes!

Last week, I wrote about how Seoul, and similarly-formed East Asian cities, provide a model for LA developing into a transit-friendly metropolis without densifying around a core. 682 more words


South Korea reports 25 new virus cases as small outbreaks continue - Times of India

SEOUIL: South Korea has reported 25 additional cases of the coronavirus over a 24-hour period,

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