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4 Alternative Sports To Try This Year

By Sam Bulcock

  1. Footgolf

It’s a fact of life that great things come in twos. Ant and Dec, Wallace and Gromit, and everyone’s favourite, the Chuckle Brothers. 532 more words



Written by: Nicholas Yong
Edited by: Lim Jing Wen & Jason Fong
Photographs by: Eusoffworks

Right from the onset, there seemed to be a blip on our Eusoffians tactical plans, with us fielding Regu 1 (Dat, Duong, Wei Jie, Wayne and Kullatep), Regu 3 (Haikal, Gautham, Dat, JJ and Gary) and Regu 2 (Alan, Zhi Hao, Andrew, Rifqi and Nyugen), while KR hall fielded Regus 3,2,1 in that order. 879 more words


Written by: Nicholas Yong
Edited by: Wafir Hidayat & Lim Jing Wen
Photographs by: Eusoffworks

Eusoff kicked started our Sepak Takraw Campaign on Sunday with 2 back-to-back matches against minnows King Edward VII Hall and the tide of green that is Raffles Hall. 1,020 more words

What on Earth is Sepak Takraw? (2016)

They say everybody smiles in the same language, and it’s true.  A simple smile is a great, easy way to break linguistic and cultural barriers and connect with any human on earth.   556 more words


Sports You Didn't Know Existed...Part 2

By: Mitch Hughes

If you’re curious about the current NFL standings, how the Golden State Warriors are doing in their undefeated start to the NBA season, or perhaps what’s happening in the English Premier League, look no further because this article is not what you need. 481 more words


KTC Sport Field

Beside S01

Type: outdoor

  • 2 Tennis with net
  • 2 Volleyball with net
  • 2 Sepak Takraw without net
  • 1 basketball
  • 1 Squash

Sport Popularity:

  1. Tennis
  2. Volleyball…
  3. 51 more words

KTHO Sport Field

In front KTHO Office

Field Type: Outdoor

  • 0.5 basketball court
  • 2 Sepak Takraw court without net

Sport Popularity:

  1. Futsal
  2. Basketball


  1. No light during night time.
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