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10 Rules for Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent

  1. Be nice. As irresistible as it may be to discharge your anger, be nice.
  2. Don’t expect anything in return.
  3. Tell your child good things about the other parent.
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Drive Your Ex Nuts and Improve Your Position for Court at the Same Time

Former couples who have it in for each other find a million ways to fight about their kids. They are forever sending nasty hate messages filled with innuendo about how awful the other is and how much better they are. 751 more words

Help for Child Contact Refusal Problems Between Separated Parents

It is not uncommon for me to receive brief to lengthy emails or messages describing a child’s contact refusal between separated parents. The communication may come from the parent whose refusing to be seen by a child and the communication may come from the parent seeking to support a child in not seeing the other parent. 1,533 more words

Settling Disputes Between Separated Parents

One of the biggest challenges for separating parents is to separate their conflict from the care of the children between them.

Frequently I hear from one parent how the other parent doesn’t… 844 more words

Preparation and Support in the Service of Peacemaking Between Separated Parents

Part of my work involves helping separated parents to sort out the care of children between them.

In the meantime and today specifically, the Canadian Prime Minister met with the American President. 677 more words


The school holidays are a crazy time for parents.  Family gatherings, catch ups with friends, and work functions, all with relatives staying in your house.  And when family and friends come together to celebrate, there is usually a hodgepodge of kids – step-siblings, cousins from out of town, the neighbour children, and some other ‘ring ins’. 2,048 more words

When Your Ex Takes Your Kids to a Psych

In Australia, 19.3% of families with children are sole-parented (Australian Institute of Family Studies, AIFS).  It is well established that parental separation/divorce has a significant impact on children.  1,984 more words