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Parental Expectations of Med/Arb or Parenting Coordination

Separated parents come to mediation/arbitration or parenting coordination (see previous blog for explanation of differences), believing the service provider will offer a quick fix to an impasse on any given issue. 857 more words

Differentiating Between Mediation, Med/Arb and Parenting Coordination

There are only so many options available for separated parents to settle their parenting disputes in a way that minimizes lawyer involvement. Chief among them are: Mediation; Mediation/Arbitration (Med/Arb); and Parenting Coordination. 715 more words

When We Don't Help Separated Parent Get Along

I receive emails from colleagues known and unknown whose work with separated parents leaves them flustered and flummoxed. Despite the worker’s best intentions, care and guidance; the parents are seemingly unable to change their course. 883 more words

Recently I have been thinking about joining the military… My dad have always been dreaming for at least just one of me and my sibling would join the military, for his dream was to join the Air Force which did not come true, and since my parents have divorced for quite few years now, me and my brother have always thought about what would it be like to have our family whole again and in one roof. 357 more words


Help to Get Out of Court or Stay Out of Court

Resolving disputes outside of court takes a mindset that suggests court is just out of the question. Once someone adopts that mindset, then attention can be focused on other more creative ways to facilitate settlement and a more productive co-parenting relationship. 846 more words

Separated parents: Do You Spill Out Onto Your Kids?

Her friend only said, her son looked like his father. Unfortunately that was enough to create disdain. From then on, she treated him differently. She was unable to look at her son and not think of her former husband. 751 more words

A Dose of Reality to Settle Parenting Disputes

Clinical Evaluative Consultation  

Thank goodness there are those lawyers, often those trained in either mediation or Collaborative Law, who seek to keep their warring clients from going nuclear at court. 825 more words