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When Separated Parents Badmouth

Think about it. Separated parents sometimes say awful things about each other to the child.

However, your child looks up and sees himself as half of both parents. 383 more words

When Separated Parents Create a Minefield….

The call is from an exasperated therapist, educator, instructor, group leader or even coach. They feel caught in the middle between separated parents each placing a different demand or expectation upon them. 516 more words

Summertime Between Separated Parents

This summer countless children are going to go back and forth between separated parents. Each will offer a different experience for their child. Jointly, they also create an experience for the child. 892 more words

Surviving the Most Difficult of Separated Parents

I learned yesterday of yet another well regarded colleague who practiced Parenting Coordination who was sued by a disgruntled parent. He no longer provides this important service as a result. 1,186 more words

10 Rules for Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent

  1. Be nice. As irresistible as it may be to discharge your anger, be nice.
  2. Don’t expect anything in return.
  3. Tell your child good things about the other parent.
  4. 375 more words

Drive Your Ex Nuts and Improve Your Position for Court at the Same Time

Former couples who have it in for each other find a million ways to fight about their kids. They are forever sending nasty hate messages filled with innuendo about how awful the other is and how much better they are. 751 more words

Help for Child Contact Refusal Problems Between Separated Parents

It is not uncommon for me to receive brief to lengthy emails or messages describing a child’s contact refusal between separated parents. The communication may come from the parent whose refusing to be seen by a child and the communication may come from the parent seeking to support a child in not seeing the other parent. 1,533 more words