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Separated Parents: Mental Health Professionals need specific knowledge and trianing.

Many mental health professionals fail to appreciate the difference between their typical clinical client and those clients seen in the context of separation or divorce. 807 more words

The Development of the Parenting Plan Worksheet

In 2003, recognizing a need to help separated parents organize their approach to the care of children between them, I set out to develop The Parenting Plan Worksheet. 725 more words

I deleted my Facebook account...

After toying with the idea of coming off Facebook through guilt of spending way too much of my life on there I finally did it. I downloaded my photos and then deactivated my account shortly after having the privilege of sending a group message to 138 people containing my mobile number who I consider friends. 142 more words


Court is a Choice Between Two Evils - Choose Neither

Of two evils, choose neither – C.H. Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

The quote reminded me of parents who go to court to settle parenting disputes, however, parents don’t realize they are dealing with two evils when looking at winning or losing. 486 more words

Beyond Court there is a World of Better Options to Resolve Parental Conflict. Here's Four:

When locked in bitter conflict, sometimes people resort to court. This can result in poor outcomes as the court is more limited in terms of solutions that can be ordered. 637 more words

Stuck? Consider a Case Consultation

I provided another consultation for a child protection agency today regarding a high conflict family.

The consultation involves meeting with all the workers and supervisors involved with the family as well as a manager. 330 more words

Second Location: Georgina, Ontario

Without much fanfare, I quietly opened a second location for my counseling practice in Georgina, Ontario (between Keswick and Sutton).

Clients who used to come see me in Hamilton from Toronto, can now see me in my Georgina office at my second residence. 320 more words