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This is the last part of my honorable guest writer’s post… Happy Reading!

Those ones who have lived in broken households don’t usually reveal that aspect of their past, 420 more words



Michelle is a friend and guest blogger, she’s been featured here before so I hope you enjoy this beautiful write up from her…

It’s not simple to explain, it’s not what most would see as normal, and it’s something that can bring both happiness and pain. 385 more words


Getting Through the 6 Stages of Mediation

Mediation is not a single event, not a one-time meeting where magically issues are resolved.

No. Mediation is a process that occurs with very predictable steps. 1,583 more words

5 Tips to Manage at the Negotiating Table

Your behavior, how you conduct yourself at the negotiating table can work for you or against you.

Remember, this is a negotiating table, not a court of law or arbitrator’s office. 1,017 more words

4 Tips to Resist the Fight on the Way to the Negotiating Table

You finally recognize that your adversarial battle isn’t resolving your dispute. You’re draining your resources both financially and emotionally. You don’t believe your former partner would ever negotiate a truce, let alone a settlement. 661 more words


    Today day I will share a little piece of who I am. So, this is a story about my family. My family is weirdly difficult to explain. 509 more words

Yes. They Shoot the Messenger in Child Custody/Access Cases

A parent called me asking for me to provide an assessment. I explained I do not provide court involved services anymore and explained why. The caller asked for a referral to someone who did. 494 more words