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Counseling a Child of Separated Parents? Therapists take heed:

Therapists take heed. Your counseling may make matters worse and could set you up for a professional complaint.

Children in distress between warring separated parents is common. 706 more words

Separated Parents: What is Really in the Child's Best Interest?

When separated parents start throwing out the phrase, “best interest of the children,” in the midst of a dispute with the other parent, I know something is amiss. 390 more words

Separating: That first lawyer letter may make things worse....

A parent has his or her first meeting with their lawyer. The parent is upset, hurt and angry. It seems divorce is inevitable. The lawyer engages with the parent who while seeking a settlement, is also seeking retribution for the real or perceived wrongdoing of the other. 746 more words

Managing High Conflict Separated Parents in Child Protection Agencies

Child protection agencies are seeing increasing numbers of child abuse referrals in the context of high conflict separated parents.

In a high conflict separation, separated parents are seen to have poor communication and are in dispute over aspects of the children’s care between them. 621 more words

1989: An Engagement Ring

Today at the mall, instead of walking past the toy store so I can visit Malibu Barbie, we immediately walk into Littman’s jewelry store.

Dad says to the clerk, “Hi. 589 more words

Apparently Even the Research Gets Abused in Child Custody Disputes

Last week I was at a conference in Seattle. The conference was provided by an organization I belong to, called AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts). 644 more words

The Child's Experience of the Parental Separation

In the throes and aftermath of a separation, emotions run high and parents can inadvertently spill out onto their kids without realizing their impact upon them. 1,392 more words