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Co-Parenting is an Ever-Changing Art

When my ex and I split, we had some not so rosey moments, just as all people do when a relationship meets its end. I’ll admit that we had arguments in front of our then 1 1/2 year old son in the beginning. 383 more words


Preserving Relationships and Costs in Child Custody/Access Disputes

A disclosure meeting comes at the end of a child custody/access assessment where the assessor delivers the findings and recommendations.

The findings and recommendations are highly influential at court and the hope is that by way of the disclosure meeting, parents can read the writing on the wall and come to an agreement and thus avoid the battle, cost and fall-out of court. 765 more words

The Danger of Possessive Pronouns

I noticed something the other day that got me to thinking about how many things change when a relationship ends, particularly how the language we use changes and what that might mean. 731 more words

Indigo Children

Diverting from the Abyss of Family Court

Did you know that it’s never too late to divert your family matter from court?

Many people do not know this, but it’s true. If parents agree to seek an alternate approach to settling their dispute they may do so and interestingly enough, of all court actions started, 95% settle prior to trial. 553 more words

Parental Expectations of Med/Arb or Parenting Coordination

Separated parents come to mediation/arbitration or parenting coordination (see previous blog for explanation of differences), believing the service provider will offer a quick fix to an impasse on any given issue. 857 more words

Differentiating Between Mediation, Med/Arb and Parenting Coordination

There are only so many options available for separated parents to settle their parenting disputes in a way that minimizes lawyer involvement. Chief among them are: Mediation; Mediation/Arbitration (Med/Arb); and Parenting Coordination. 715 more words