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Counseling the Child May Make it Worse!

It is not uncommon for me to receive counseling requests for children whose parents are in the midst of a separation.

In so doing, the parent who calls often advises of how distraught the child is and how the child’s behavior is out of control. 651 more words

Discerning the Difference: High Conflict and/or Domestic Violence

In Canada, some 52% of child custody cases settle without any court involvement. This is not to say that the other 48% settle without intervention. 1,258 more words

Voice of the Child Interview for Settling Parenting Disputes

Separated parents in conflict argue as to the child views and preferences in terms of their residential arrangement. What parents in dire conflict forget is that the views and preference of the child may be expressed to a parent only to appease a parents wishes. 623 more words

Counseling a Child of Separated Parents? Therapists take heed:

Therapists take heed. Your counseling may make matters worse and could set you up for a professional complaint.

Children in distress between warring separated parents is common. 706 more words

Separated Parents: What is Really in the Child's Best Interest?

When separated parents start throwing out the phrase, “best interest of the children,” in the midst of a dispute with the other parent, I know something is amiss. 390 more words

Separating: That first lawyer letter may make things worse....

A parent has his or her first meeting with their lawyer. The parent is upset, hurt and angry. It seems divorce is inevitable. The lawyer engages with the parent who while seeking a settlement, is also seeking retribution for the real or perceived wrongdoing of the other. 746 more words

Managing High Conflict Separated Parents in Child Protection Agencies

Child protection agencies are seeing increasing numbers of child abuse referrals in the context of high conflict separated parents.

In a high conflict separation, separated parents are seen to have poor communication and are in dispute over aspects of the children’s care between them. 621 more words