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Wolves as wolves, and the future of the Justice Department

One of my favorite lines from my favorite opinion of Justice Scalia’s – his dissent in Morrison v. Olson – is his observation that some cases raise issues that will affect the equilibrium of government power in ways that are not obvious.  440 more words

I Support The Tea Party Metal Ornament

Enjoy this silver colored metal ornament advocating support for the tea party and a limited government. UV resistant and waterproof. Diameter measures 2.125″. Discounts available for the purchase of three or more. Includes red ribbon.


Counterpoint: Justices Have Been in Politics Since Forever

To present both sides of the issue, “In 1800, just a decade after the court was founded, so many of its justices were out campaigning for John Adams that the opening of the court term had to be delayed.” Article at Politico.


The "Law and Order Candidate"? Seriously?

Thanks to new duties at work, my time for posting on this site has grown sparse.  And I would prefer not to spend that precious time repeating myself here.  807 more words

Robert Craig: Triggering Article 50 Does not Require Fresh Legislation


Considerable public interest has recently been focused on the ‘trigger’ mechanism for exit from the EU which is set out in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty… 1,793 more words

UK Parliament

More thoughts on the Comey announcement

I wanted to offer just a few additional thoughts on the FBI recommendation against prosecuting Hillary Clinton, now that the dust has settled after a surreal day in American politics.  990 more words

Obamacare and Executive Overreach ~ Cato Institute

The Executive Branch seldom asks for less money, so this raised a red flag. The lawyers in the House asked what gives, and then they figured it out: After Congress denied the funding for Section 1402, the Obama administration decided to pay the insurance companies anyway.

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