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Politics of decentralization in the Sub-Saharan country of South Africa

Politics of decentralization in the Sub-Saharan country of South Africa

“The Republic of South Africa is one sovereign, democratic state.”

However, the South African Constitution includes elements of federalism. 2,172 more words

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Hutchison: People need to have their voices heard

JOSHUA BOUCHER | Staff Photographer
Kay Bailey Hutchison, former senator from Texas, discusses civic literacy and the balance of power between branches of government in the Amphitheater on Friday. 4,640 more words

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Flag Burning, the Bill of Rights, and Leaving America Behind: Fourth of July Special

Yes, the American Revolution was special. It’s not yet uncool to recognize facts. You are entitled to your mistaken and unsupported opinions, however; this is a free country. 724 more words

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Legislature Passes Budget, But Is It Enough For the Court?

Superintendent:  Legislature still in contempt of court


by Richard D. Oxley

Many are sighing in relief after Washington’s lawmakers finished a budget preventing a shutdown of state services this month, but State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn is not one of them. 558 more words

Separation Of Powers

(Don’t) Blame it on Buhari

In what can perhaps unfortunately no longer be described as a shocking incident (for the simple reason that, this is not the first of its kind), the House of Representatives at the plenary session on Thursday, June 25, descended into chaos. 414 more words

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Be Alarmed, Be Very Alarmed

Tony Abbott keeps telling us to be alarmed in relation to terrorism in this country.

I am alarmed, I am very alarmed.

I am alarmed at Abbott’s use of the word “betrayed” 90 more words


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Any presidential candidate who claims s/he will ignore the recent Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality and/or the Affordable Care Act has obviously not thoroughly read the Constitution and does not understand that the judiciary is an independent branch of government over which the executive branch does not have precedence. 13 more words