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Crash Course for New Presidents

Have you recently arrived in Washington’s Executive Mansion only to find that the U.S. Government doesn’t run by fiats, diktats, decrees and Executive Orders? Here’s a quick video rundown on the government. 51 more words



Anyone who has taught high school English has had problem students – the smart-ass, the brooding potential psychopath, or the class clown, or the rebel, with or without a cause, but usually without a cause. 3,484 more words

From citizen journalism to fake news...

I knew it wouldn’t end well. From my first blog post six years ago to the current reality of 1984, where lies become truth, science is suspect, and a blowhard president sits in the White House. 330 more words

Fight Wimpiness

The constitutional education of America, and of its President

The Ninth Circuit has ruled that President Trump’s Executive Order could remain subject to a stay issued by the District Court in Seattle.  The opinion is… 1,324 more words

An Opinion on the Opinion

It’s apparently a great temptation to the opposition to view the 9th Circuit ruling on the immigration EO as a great victory, a sign that everything is going to be normal: a judge blocked an order, the block was challenged, it’s moving up the courts, and eventually the Supremes will rule, all as one would expect.  633 more words

Democratic Erosion

Flimflam and Impatience

Those with self-confidence rule the world. They seem to know what they’re doing, even if they don’t. That’s the trick. Be bold. Be decisive – even if your decisions are disastrous. 3,314 more words