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... Is POTUS really This Crazy ?!?! [#tax increases][#executive action]...

.. well , he has pulled that damn jackhole stunt on immigration . Thankfully , it appears that a judge has called him on the carpet on it . 171 more words

Personal Opinion

Mandates, Majorities and the Legitimacy of the Elected President (Part I of II)

Kevin YL Tan
Adjunct Professor of Law
National University of Singapore

An Elected President to Check an Elected Government

The Elected Presidency was created as a knee-jerk reaction to the People’s Action Party’s (PAP’s) worst nightmare: that in a ‘freak election’, ‘irrational’ voters might cause a seismic shift in voting patterns to bring into office an irresponsible and profligate government. 1,631 more words

Constitutional Law

REWIND: 'Maybe it was a Bad Idea to Concentrate So Much Power in the Oval Office in the First Place'

If the next president can turn out to be a tyrant, then ‘tyrant-proofing the presidency’ is our most pressing political task.

Gene Healy writes: The prospect of Donald Trump as president is only slightly less ridiculous than the idea of  706 more words


The More You Know Part 1

If you are one of the many who are unhappy with the election results, & want to sign up for the resistance, there are a few things you should know. 54 more words

Checks And Balances

The Founders on the Separation of Powers

Although, the Constitution does not expressly mention the “separation of powers,” the government created by the 1787 U.S. Constitution presupposes and gives expression to it. Below are quotes from the founding generation on why the separation of powers is referred to by Madison in… 1,457 more words

Montesquieu: Sorted for Es and Us

I have been monumentally disappointed by the lack of interest there has been in my entirely farcical theory that Montesquieu, he of separation of powers fame, is responsible for the brief hiatus in   1,458 more words


On prosecuting political opponents

I have endeavored to avoid jumping into the fray regarding the Trump tape that surfaced last Friday.  Others have adequately said everything there is to say.  1,588 more words