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ALAN DERSHOWITZ: The Appalling Talk of Boycotting Netanyahu

Wall Street Journal: Congress has every right, and even an obligation, to hear the Israeli leader speak about the Iranian threat.

As a liberal Democrat who twice campaigned for President Barack Obama, I am appalled that some Democratic members of Congress are planning to boycott the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3 to a joint session of Congress. 45 more words


ISIL is Secret American Army in Middle East – US Historian, Webster Tarpley / Sputnik International


The Islamic State is a secret army of the United States and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a leader of the terrorist group, is a close friend of US Senator John McCain, says US historian Webster Tarpley, according to Iranian News Agency IRNA. 513 more words


Another Obama Collision With the Constitution


President Obama last week sent to Congress a draft resolution regarding an authorization for use of military force, or AUMF, against the terrorist group Islamic State. 904 more words


obama does not let the illegals in ...

Individuals who obey obama’s illegal orders let the illegals in. They too are knowingly ignoring The Constitution and breaking laws that have been passed by our established legislative process. 68 more words

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Deciding to Ask For Permission

John McCain was a fighter pilot, and by all accounts a kick-the-tires-and-light-the-fires kind of guy. He didn’t like those preflight checklists. He wanted to be up there, blasting away, right now. 3,284 more words

John McCain

Power of the Purse

“The Big Spenders in Congress are at it again…. They’ve been inventing their miracle cures for which there are no known diseases.”

President Ronald Reagan, Remarks to Ohio Veterans’ Organization Columbus, October 4, 1982… 584 more words

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