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Separation of Powers

The Separation of Powers is a fundamental constitutional principle in the UK. This idea dated back to Ancient Greece where they believed that powers to function the state should be spread over different bodies to ensure that no one gained too much power. 1,490 more words

Public Law

Return of Judicial Power: Religious Freedom and the Tussle over Jurisdictional Boundaries in Malaysia (I-CONnect Column) by Jaclyn L. Neo

The following post, written by Dr. Jaclyn L. Neo, was published on I-CONnect Blog on 15 March 2018. While it examines judicial power and amendments in Malaysia, the judgment makes extensive reference to developments in Singapore concerning judicial power and the basic structure doctrine. 85 more words

Constitutional Law

What role do the courts have where a member of the Oireachtas breaches a citizen's constitutional rights?

The Supreme Court will hear oral submissions this week (Thursday, 8th March) in two appeals relating to the remedies available through the courts–if any–to a private citizen, where a member of the Oireachtas has breached their constitutional rights. 797 more words


The Gradual, Eventual Triumph of Liberty

Today I’d like to write a few words of hope and encouragement to those who already understand liberty’s value. I read a speech from 1853 that stood out to me. 862 more words


Singapore's 'bank robber agreement': signs of a constitutional crisis

The Government’s seriously troubling Agreement on the Stanchart Bank Robber is actually a Constitutional Crisis.

David Roach is a 28-year-old Canadian who allegedly stole $30,000 from a Standard Chartered Branch in Holland Village in July 2016. 1,528 more words

Government & Politics

The Parable Of Macaroni: A Weh Andrew Holness A Guh?

Though it had happened some months ago, it was only this week that Macaroni’s Ill-fated drive across a storm-drenched road in Portland all but broke the internet in Jamaica – the audio from that initial video lifted and transposed on all kinds of other accidents with hilarious effect. 1,066 more words