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Trump names potential SCOTUS nominees, but still not sure what SCOTUS does

Creepy orange presidential candidate Donald Trump took another step in his pathetic effort to assure Republican voters that he is worthy of the presidency by releasing a list of eleven potential nominees to the United States Supreme Court.  826 more words

The bizarre alternate reality of Donald Trump; or, is something wrong with us?

The most important fake news story of the week was the one that tracked the every movement of Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who met on Thursday as part of Trump’s strategy to beg for the support of the same people he has constantly referred to as stupid, incompetent, and corrupt.   1,335 more words

Judicial Power’s 50 “problematic” cases and the limits of the judicial role

The Judicial Power Project has published a list of 50 “problematic” cases. It makes for interesting reading. The aim of the Judicial Power Project is to address the “problem” of “judicial overreach” which, it is said, “increasingly threatens the rule of law and effective, democratic government”. 1,316 more words

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Trump as America’s CEO: Is His Skill Set What America Needs Now?

According to Fareed Zakaria in a Washington Post opinion piece, “One of the few successful CEOs who did well in Washington is Robert Rubin”, said in a memoir that he’d developed ““a deep respect for the differences between the public and private sectors. 256 more words

Chapter 4-Madison's Legacies

Originalism, the Unitary Executive, and the Constitutional Case for Obama’s Immigration Policy

Originalism, the Unitary Executive, and the Constitutional Case for Obama’s Immigration Policy

The Obama administration’s immigration policy deferring deportation for more than four million illegal immigrants has been the focus of extensive constitutional debate since it was announced last fall. 37 more words

Political Correctness

Bank Markazi, the separation of powers, and the ghosts of Hamilton and Scalia

The Treasury Department announced today that it was replacing President Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman (good riddance, Old Hickory!), but leaving Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.  818 more words

On Belief, Hypocrisy & The Origin Of Authority

In man, the governance of belief is achieved through the separation of powers where the powers are not in conflict with one another, and if they are, then that’s hypocrisy; which can be defined as a malfunction of the separation of powers.

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