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Rex E. Lee: BYU Speech, January 15, 1991

When I get irritated with politics and politicians and all of the yammering by talking heads that make my head want to explode, I go back to some of the great sermons and speeches that matter most to me, like this one by Rex E. 401 more words



This month, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that an employee’s “good faith” whistleblowing no longer needs to be done with the purpose of exposing an illegal act. 495 more words


Constitutionally, Trump Can't Attack North Korea Alone; That Doesn't Mean He Won't

Forget the War Powers Act — that’s just a statute passed by Congress. Let’s talk about the Constitution, which, I hasten to add, cannot be changed by mere statute. 699 more words

Brendan Beery

Donald Trump only "said" he signed the Russia Sanctions ... but he could be pocketing it

Breitbart reports that Donald Trump Signed the Russia Sanctions Bill

However I have seen no proof that the President has actually signed the bill, no photos, no ceremony, no pdf of the signed bill. 399 more words


Is Tsipras and Close AssociatesPlan to Set-up Marxist Dictatorship in Greece

By Con George-Kotzabasis July 18, 2017

The beginning is the sign”. David Hilbert, German mathematician

In the doom and gloom of the political and economic landscape of Greece, a spectre haunts the country, the spectre of Marxist dictatorship. 1,506 more words


New Appeal: Does the duty to make full disclosure when seeking leave for judicial review continue to have force as a legal principle?

In this determination, Shatter v Guerin, the Supreme Court granted Guerin leave to appeal the judgment of the Court of Appeal that he, Mr Seán Guerin SC, breached the then Minister Shatter’s right to fair procedure in the compilation of a report into handling of “allegations of grave deficiencies in the investigation and prosecution of crimes, in the County of Cavan and elsewhere, made by Sergeant Maurice McCabe”. 736 more words


Monarchy and the Modern World

Anyone who is an astute observer of the internet can see the growth of a minority political opinion: monarchy.

Many will question why it has grown, but I think the answer is simple: people don’t like the present system. 1,547 more words