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The Erosion of Separation of Powers

In the 1780s, there began to be a distinct erosion of the doctrine of separation of powers. 495 more words

Early Republic

The Conventional Debate

In Pennsylvania, extraordinary events were transpiring that would shape how people expressed their will. William Smith (“Cato”) and a group of individuals, led by James Cannon (“Cassandra”) in 1776, debated the issue of how institutions should reflect the people’s will, given the… 446 more words

American Revolution

Clueless in Action

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke yesterday before Heritage Action, the Tea Party’s organizing committee, regarding the need for Republican pragmatism in this critical election year. 459 more words


Buhari's Anti-Graft Campaign and the Jurisprudence of Anti-Corruption By Johannes Tobi Wojuola

Oliver Wendel Holmes Jnr. is my most revered jurisprudential personage.  This sentiment may be founded on a filial judicial heritage or on my experiential understanding – yet a vestige of my filial heritage – that law is not law until it has been interpreted by the courts: a summarized reflection of the Realist School of Jurisprudence. 1,254 more words

Dangerous power plays in Poland?

Poland’s parliament has passed a law that puts the formerly independent attorney general’s office under the control of the justice ministry. It is an unsettling move, says DW’s Bartosz Dudek. 599 more words

The Separation of Powers

Every power you encounter in life is as unique as you are — different strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, purpose.

Recognizing the individual purpose of power is as important as recognizing your own individual purpose. 962 more words


Our constitution and the separation of powers

Unlike Britain, where parliament is sovereign, most democratic countries have a bill of rights. The bill of rights is a statement which citizens can expect to have protected from state interference.  218 more words