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[PGP-I FM] Portfolio Selection with a Risk-free Asset

For all his insights on the portfolio choice problem, somehow Markowitz didn’t explicitly consider a bank in the system. In principle, of course, one could have solve the problem by just adding one more security in his set up. 931 more words

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[PGP-I FM] Foundations of the NPV Rule (Wonkish)

If you came looking for the summary of session 2 and found this post instead, stop right now and click here.

(So yes, any blog post which you see here with ‘Wonkish’ attached to the title – just like this one – can be safely skipped without any loss of continuity. 2,993 more words

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[PGP-I FM] The Present Value Rule

In our discussion today we considered the following three cases:

  • No Bank, No Investment Opportunity: In absence of a bank, the sum of consumption in both time periods must be equal to the total available wealth.
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