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March 30th: Letting Go

When my marriage first ended it was very hard for me to “let go” of what my soon-to-be ex-husband was up to.

It was almost an addiction: letting my mind fantasize about how much better his world must be now that I wasn’t in it. 204 more words


Past, Present, & Future: Entry 3


You were the friend that I dated for a couple of months before realizing that you were so attached to me in a beautiful way, and I just wasn’t ready for that. 132 more words


The Replay

Three weeks ago life was so different.He came to see me at the airport.I had butterflies in my stomach after ages.I was feeling over-whelmed.I can still recall each and every second of that four hour long conversation.The way he looked at me.That smile when he saw me through the crowd at the airport.I remember everything. 76 more words

Dump the Hand Sanitizer

Reading: Luke 5:27-39

After this he went out and saw a man named Levi at his work collecting taxes. Jesus said, “Come along with me.” And he did – walked away from everything and went with him. 558 more words

Devotional Thoughts

On Separation From God

“On Separation From God”

Jesus lived a life without sin the Bible makes clear!

Might it only have been when He took all of humankind’s sin upon Himself on the cross …when the crushing despair of being separated from God came upon Him for the only time in His life… that Jesus first and finally felt as the God-man, what all the rest of us have lived with since we were born?

23 more words
Spiritual Growth

"Jehovah’s Witness"

“Jehovah’s Witness”
“New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (2013 Revision)
Examine the features of the New World Translation, a Bible that is accurate and easy to read.” ~ … 383 more words

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