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An ode to love that'll never be

An ode to love that’ll never be

.                                                         Separation. Estrangement. Chasms.
Lucky, they come after a union.

Oblivion. Limbo. Obscurity.
Once, they once held motion and remembrance.

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The Cost and Blessings of Depression: Freedom Part III

People diagnosed with depression are roughly three times more likely than the general population to commit violent crimes such as robbery, sexual offenses and assault. 1,047 more words

My Teeth Aren't Falling Out Anymore!

What a relief!

My teeth are no longer falling out, breaking or chipping, or turning to chalky powder and blowing away in the wind.

For years (the years in which I was married to be specific), I had terrifying dreams of losing my pearly whites. 414 more words


Is There Life With Your Partner After Children?

(By Liza).The children have left home and there’s just the two of you wandering around in the house. Its time to face each other again and see if you still get on… 345 more words

Points Of View


“I is sad. I is not want to leave home. I is not want to bear the pain of separation anymore!” – Little Heart.

Years and years of living apart, you can feel that a lot of thing changes. 151 more words


Dad's Anger Issues!

After finding his daughter messing around with a boy in her car, this father decided to punish her by destroying her brand new, shiny, red Audi. 74 more words


Tenderly ...

She hugged her daughter tightly,
tenderly and tightly

not wanting to let go.

Desperately praying,

praying and hoping that they would change their mind. Though she knew it was not going to happen. 139 more words