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All the guilt, all the doubt, all the questioning of my feelings and beliefs about my relationship with my ex have always been due to my own self doubt. 453 more words


I Knew You Then

I kissed your neck and cradled you,

I kissed your eyes.

Your hand opened to mine

Imparting spirit.

Two broken.

The lights had long gone out, 60 more words

Top of the Elevenses #53

Was leaving a mistake?

If it wasn’t a mistake?

Was staying away from the children a mistake?

If you bumped into them among the crowd by mistake? 100 more words

Trapped, by the Downpour...

Drip, drip, drip, that, was how, it’d, started, than, it’s like, there’s that HUGE storm, that’s causing, the world, to flood…

Trapped, by the downpour, we couldn’t leave, because the wind is too strong, it’d, blown us all away, we couldn’t, steady ourselves, get our feet planted, firmly, on the ground. 230 more words

The Self

What was the hurry to turn a daughter into a Mother?

“Shaadi ke baad sab badal jayega”, this is what you told me when you got convinced to marry at the age of 19. I wasn’t ready though because I wanted to study. 716 more words


The stress and the stranger

Yesterday was nothing short of madness. It was a ‘teacher training day’ coincidentally before a long weekend. And I had stuff I needed to sign, print and scan that was highly confidential and relating to ‘the thing.’ I know, grrrroan. 736 more words