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Diary August 2017

I’m writing this down in the hope that one day I can look back on it and laugh at the stupidity of it all.

It all started with me feeling a little bored of life. 1,179 more words


Morning Motivation, How Do We React When God Has The Nerve To Say No?

Does God answer all of our prayers?  I think he does, but we may not always get the answer we want.  I believe sometimes He says “yes” to our request, sometimes “no,” and at other times the answer may be “not today.” 647 more words

Surviving Divorce

Healing takes time

It has been 120 days since i started my single mother journey!

&i can finally say everything is starting to fall into place.

Just like any other split up, i accrued lots of debt, now I’m down sizing our home, getting back to the money making industry, getting visitation and financial support in order, and who knows i might even be able to afford a savings here in a few more weeks!!! 542 more words


Two years ago...

I hadn’t ever stayed away from my family for more than four days at a stretch in the first 18 years of my life. And I was glad that I didn’t have to. 731 more words


Catch Up#1 - Absentee

When I named my blog, I had no idea about the changes divorce brings. I was so naive. So unprepared for the mental and emotional onslaught. 1,472 more words


Welcome to the World of Online Dating...Red Flags

I never thought I would be saying “Welcome to the World of Online Dating,” but here we are.  After a decade’s long marriage I find myself on a dating site.   332 more words

Surviving Divorce

Letting Go | How Separation is Working for your Good.

I have heard a few sermons that have changed the way I looked at life, and am going to share one of them today.

One Sunday after service, I was introduced to Dag Heward-Mills’ message on “How to fulfil your ministry through separation”. 536 more words