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three years separated
ten since i slept in this bed
thirteen nightmares carry me home



Every time I voice my feelings about my relationship (even if it’s just on an anonymous post on the internet), I’m immediately overcome with guilt. This is happening this morning so I really desperately need to sit down and capture it, so I can process it and help myself understand better. 463 more words

Money Monday: Is super still so super?

Superannuation has been in the news following the announcement of possible changes in the May 2016 Federal Budget.  I have read a bit about the changes, but I must say it makes my eyes glaze over and I find it difficult to read most reports to the end (and I actually LIKE reading about financial topics).   870 more words

What the spider taught me about Divorce

Compassion: that noble concern over another’s suffering or misfortunes. It lives in all of us, however elusive it may seem at times. I think it’s one of those human attributes that grows exponentially the more we use it. 682 more words


The Plague / Albert Camus

The Plague was published in 1947 and tells the story of a mysterious plague that broke out in the French Algerian city of Oran.  In the town, the outbreak begins when thousands of rats are discovered dying in the streets.  513 more words

Book Review

The dark days continue.

A letter to my husband;

I am writing you because after last night I couldn’t stop thinking of the many things that were said. I feel like we can talk in a healthy way, but we have done so little of it in the last 5 months frankly 15 years. 332 more words


The struggle

I have found myself reasoning that I am the only one hurting from my unhappy relationship, so it’s better for all concerned if I stay.  I have been willing myself to accept the relationship for what it is; to accept that a marriage (or marriage-like relationship) cannot possibly meet all the demands we make of it these days. 342 more words