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One month, one entry, a multitude of thoughts

At sometime during the month, the girls had their dance recital, I can’t exactly remember when it was supposed to be, however I do recall why it didn’t happen. 710 more words


He Didn't Need his Fists, The Justice System Abused Me for Him: Part Three

If you haven’t yet, please take the time to read Part Two. This is a multi-part series. A new chapter of my personal experiences will be posted every Monday and Thursday. 1,467 more words

Terra Nullius, Nobody’s Land, Free for the Taking

The same story which has been told here, in n’dakinna. Vermont, in particular.

“The Wichita Indians are one more example of indigenous Americans who did not fit the stereotype of itinerant hunter-gatherers. 96 more words


Each day seems to have blurred into the next...

So many activities in so little time, each day becoming a blur into the next, each week passing faster than the last.

And yet, I feel like my life is at a stand still. 130 more words



you and I have each other

which made us everything

that we are and we will be.

until life happened,

and took it all away. 19 more words

One Hundred Days


I had an interview yesterday afternoon, the company works around mental illness so it would be something I’d be passionate about. But there were 5 candidates and frankly I just think I wasn’t experienced enough. 560 more words

My lightbulb moment

I’m attempting to get back out there, I’ve signed up to a dating site (not Tinder) and I’ve set my parameters, one of them being: 130 more words