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My First Revenge Date

Going on a dating site actually improved my failing marriage. I didn’t tell him I was on it. But I figured I had a right, since he was the cheater. 449 more words


Beyond the Talking Head: Shooting Documentary Interviews


You’ve no doubt seen these before in a documentary: an interviewee sitting just inches in front of a bookcase, with the individual book titles visible and distracting; a house plant invading the frame; an incandescent desk lamp in the background whispering for attention while the interviewee’s eye-line is awkwardly off to the side. 192 more words


What goes on in the dark will, come to light...

…and when light enters the dark, it will be out.

Last week on Wednesday, November 15th, something told me to check his tablet. I was shocked to see what I thought might come true. 1,375 more words

TRANCE CHANNEL – Fear of Losing someone You Love

Hello! Thank you for finding my post!

I should have channeled each day as I promised. It’s amazing how life passes by so quickly! But I wanted to write today because I felt all of a sudden a fear of losing a loved one. 760 more words


Article Review, "21 Tips to Survive Divorce and the Holidays" by Dr Karen Finn

Yes, it is the holiday season.  Back before my separation and divorce, the holidays had an air of magic about them.  A time to celebrate our family and our faith.   533 more words

Surviving Divorce

Jennifer Garner confesses that she hasn't gone on a date since splitting up with Ben Affleck

Celebrity marriages are apt to be short-lived, so it’s rarely shocking when a famous couple announces that they’re separating. However, I think I speak for both myself and everyone with a soul when I say that I am still… 338 more words