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Some Excess Futsal Shoes Nike

Futsal shoes Nike has been famous in the world. Have a lot of players who wear this shoe futsal to play futsal.

The material of the shoe made of leather and supported advanced technologies in manufacturing, making the quality of a Nike futsal shoes became one of the best at the moment. 1,001 more words

Become A Jockey Futsal

“He’s the hell sambilannya so Jockey Futsal”

It was the words of my friends Office, even has become a nickname for me:) temen I was inspired from the term Jockey 3 in 1. 793 more words

Futsal World Cup Trip

In this article, I will share information about anyone the futsal World Cup champion officially held by FIFA from the first edition in 1989. Not just conventional football, futsal World Cup title also holds. 1,315 more words

Tips For Playing Futsal In Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan we usually tried to reduce physical activity during the day, including exercise. But for those of you who play futsal hobby, it can be a challenge to keep a routine play futsal. 1,069 more words

Equipment-Sports Equipment Futsal

The equipment needed to play futsal with essentially the same equipment for playing football. Costume, shorts, socks, shoes and Shin protectors absolutely wear. Other equipment still allowed as long as it does not endanger themselves or other players. 530 more words

Tips On Choosing Pants So Comfortable When Playing Futsal

In this article I’ll discuss tips on choosing pants futsal. It is indeed trivial and impressed a lot less regard for the futsal players about pants futsal. 759 more words

History, Pioneer and developer of Futsal In Indonesia

The history of the development of the sport of futsal Indonesia if compared to Latin America, Europe and Asia including very slowly (see also history of Futsal in the world), even if compared with the South East Asian countries such as Malaysia or Thailand. 798 more words