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About Sephardic Communities With Ari Afilalo

Ari Afilalo seems to have keen interest in the studies of Sephardic communities. His vast knowledge and excellence can be seen in his writings like Sephardic music, culture and language.

Ari Afilalo

Sephardic Jews: Christian Rule And Expulsion Of 1492

Sephardim or  sephardic jews is the term used for the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492. Now this term is used commonly for the Jewish exiles and their descendants who settled all around the globe. 292 more words

Ari Afilalo

New Mexico makes the Times of Israel

The New Mexico History Museum and its Fractured Faiths exhibit, which I wrote about in my last blog, made it into the Times of Israel… 825 more words

Sephardim & Southern White identity

One of the points I make in my book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin & Future is that the Jews who helped colonize Dixie and New World plantation civilization were distinct from the central and eastern European Jews who moved in large numbers to Northeastern US cities in the late 1800s and afterward. 809 more words


Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal


Since I am traveling on business to Canada later this year, I decided to do some research on the local Jewish scene. I was particularly interested in Quebec. 87 more words

Crypto-Jewish History

Spanish Judaism, the Inquisition, and Identity in the New World


Roger Martinez, a professor at the University of Colorado and former president of the Society of Crypto-Judaica Studies, and Joseph B. Diaz, the curator of the New Mexico History Museum have joined forces to present a fascinating an exhibit. 125 more words

Crypto-Jewish History