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Review, Alexandrian Summer by Yitzhak Gormezano Goren

My review of Yitzhak Gaormezano Goren’s Alexandrian Summer was published in the November 18, 2015 issue of the Times Literary Supplement. (The piece is behind a paywall, otherwise I’d post it here.) Published originally in Hebrew in 1978 and translated to English by Yardenne Greenspan, the novel focuses on a Jewish family in Alexandria, Egypt during the summer of 1951—one year before the free officer’s coup led by Gamal and al-Nasser that would expel Jews from the country. 34 more words

Aniseed Biscuits from the Sephardic Jews Cuisine of Turkey

“Our cuisine is simple – no spices, no heavy sauces, no fancy decorations, not so much meat, a lot of vegetables ! A lot of aubergines and courgettes, in fact. 429 more words


Back to My Roots

I love learning about family history not only my own which includes the Enriquez, Mullins, and Knight family but my husband’s family as well.  I had taken off some time from working on genealogy to enjoy writing my “Gianna the Great” series. 181 more words

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Blood brothers: Palestinians and Jews share genetic roots

Jews break down into three genetic groups, all of which have Middle Eastern origins – which are shared with the Palestinians and Druze

Source: Blood brothers: Palestinians and Jews share genetic roots…

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Portugal issues 1st passport under new law for descendant of Sephardic Jews

(JTA) — Officials in Lisbon approved the naturalization of a Panamanian national who applied for a Portuguese passport under recent legislation benefiting the descendants of Sephardic Jews. 226 more words

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Spain grants citizenship to 4,302 descendants of Sephardic Jews

(JTA) — Spain granted citizenship to 4,302 people who identified themselves as descendants of Sephardic Jews.

The citizenships were approved on Friday, The Associated Press  169 more words

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Spain Grants Citizenship to Sephardic Jews

Dr. Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez

The following article from the Washington Post notes the recent granting of Spanish Citizenship to more than 4000 descendants of Sephardic Jews that left Spain in 1492. 113 more words