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Spain Sephardic citizenship plan hits snags with heavy restrictions

by Associated Press
May 11, 2015

For Alfonso Paredes Henriquez, it was the opportunity not only of a lifetime – but of a half-millennium. 129 more words


P is for Portuguese Citizenship...

I couldn’t possibly let the rest of the Iberian Peninsula go without me addressing it during A to Z – so today “P” is for Portuguese Citizenship.   277 more words

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J is for Judeo-Spanish (AKA Ladino)

Language has always been fascinating for me. My heritage is a mixture of Spanish and islander from Puerto Rico, along with Jewish folk from Belarus and Poland (DNA swabs will confirm my mother’s side of this coin in about a week – I can’t wait for the results!)…so for “J” I’ve chosen a language that some of my ancestors, and certainly the little monkeys might have spoken, Judeo-Spanish or Ladino. 240 more words

My Life

Religious Freedom

April 8, 1730: The Mill Street synagogue is consecrated. Portuguese and Spanish Jews first arrived in New Amsterdam (now New York City) in September 1654. Anti-Semite governor Peter Stuyvesant, was not accepting them. 636 more words


New laws to allow citizenship for descendants of exiled Spanish Jews

A new law, to be passed this month, will allow the descendants of Jews exiled in the 15th Century to claim Spanish citizenship. 203 more words


Portugal Offers Citizenship to Descendants of Expelled Jews

Portugal approved this week new rules for granting citizenship to descendants of the nation’s Sephardic Jewish community. The landmark move was first proposed two years ago, but had stalled in the absence of cabinet approval. 150 more words

When deliberately non-Jewish read turns into a "duh, of course this has relevance. Oh damn, I am thinking about my blog more than I thought."

So as I mentioned previously, I am planning to review Maggie Anton’s Rav Hisda’s series next. However, I still haven’t had a chance to actually start reading the book because I had been heads deep in a book not particularly related to the purpose of this blog. 599 more words

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