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Paris Papamichos Chronakis

Lecturer in Modern Greek History at University of Illinois Chicago, Expert on Sephardic Jews. A brief chat with Paris S: about a couple of masonic lodges: saw a few names of an archive in Paris, they had a branch in Salonica- correspondence and list of members survived. 62 more words


The White Islands

This is a book for anyone whose parents or grandparents came from somewhere else, especially if they did not move by choice. White Islands/Las Islas Blancas… 162 more words


Knowing More About The Language Of The Sephardic Jews With Ari Afilalo.

Ari Afilalo, a renowned member of the Sephardic Jewish community in New York shares that Ladino in writing uses Hebrew letters and often take the base from Rashi script.

Ari Afilalo

Lebanese woman and Jew: On Sephardic Jews and Middle Eastern Cultures

Lebanese woman and Jew: On Sephardic Jews and Middle Eastern Cultures


by Ella Habiba Shohat,   Irvi Nasawi

When issues of racial and colonial discourse are discussed in the U.S., … 1,578 more words


All you need to know about Ari Afilalo

A teacher, a celebrated author and a music lover- Ari Afilalo in one of the renowned names in the sephardic Jewish community in New York.

Ari Afilalo

Language Practice of Sehardic Community-Ari Afilalo

Ari Afilalo is well versed with the history of languages, used in ancient ages. Language exhibits the culture of every community, it should be preserved carefully by the people of a specific country or community.

Ari Afilalo

About Sephardic Communities With Ari Afilalo

Ari Afilalo seems to have keen interest in the studies of Sephardic communities. His vast knowledge and excellence can be seen in his writings like Sephardic music, culture and language.

Ari Afilalo