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Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker to CNN reporter Terry Frieden, September 17, 2004

Mortgage Fraud Blog.

“ has the potential to be an epidemic, we think we can prevent a problem that could have as much impact as the S&L crisis” 29 more words

The Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks Volume 23 , September 17, 1972

Apparently this is the longest version of “The Other One” ever recorded. It’s a decent enough show. “Playing in the Band” is starting to get really long. 14 more words

Nine Muses (9MUSES) - September 17 (9월 17일)

Oneuldo nan hansum swimyeo nuneul tteo
Eojeneun wae geuraesseulkka
Junbihaetdeon maldo nan haji motago
Babocheoreom meomutgeorin pyojeonge
Amumal motago doraseotdeon eoriseogeun naemoseup (Kkok sumgyeonoheun) 195 more words
Nine Muses

September 17, 2014

Too loud.

Screaming, orchestrated noises

that on page seem wrong.

Head full of lead

and shitty thoughts


“Don’t forget, you die alone.”

You die alone. 69 more words


Telangana state: Importance of September 17

The erstwhile Hyderabad state consisting of 16 districts (8 Telangana districts, 5 Marathwada districts and 3 districts of Karnataka) had been under the rule of Nizam from 1724 to 1948, accounting for a period of 224 years. 470 more words