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Septia.Mieke Custom Label

Assalamualaikum :)

Saya dan business partner (Sekaligus sahabat dan partner in crime) saya bernama Septia memang sedang bekerja sama (baca : struggling) untuk mendirikan sebuah clothing line dengan unsur modest dan hijab friendly sejak tahun 2013 bernama Hermosa by SM. 470 more words

Days' Babble

Let it rain

The past few weeks the weather has been quite generous with rain. This late in the season and with the Summer Solstice a few days away, I remember that I fall for a good and purposeful rain every single time! 56 more words


Renungan Bersama

“Assalamualaikum”. “Waalaikumsalam. Eh om apa kabar om ?”. “Alhamdulillah sehat. Udah lama pulang ?” “Udah seminggu om. Mau ketemu bapak om ? Bentar aku panggilkan ya om. 2,432 more words

Waiorongomai Valley

This was a nice 2 hour bush walk. About half way, old tram tracks appear and several old tram items along the track. This is an old mining battery maintained by the Department of Conservation. 8 more words

Septia: World Map

I’ve created a 3D model of my world, Septia, to begin with and will be drawing pictures and maps later on. These were created using FarCry’s Map Editor program. 24 more words

The Horse From The Woods

Septia: Locations

I need to scribble down a few places in my world. I will definately be adding to this post many times. 26 more words

The Horse From The Woods