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Transformers Movies Are Planned Until 2025

Whilst many have argued that the Transformers franchise is already watered-down enough as it is, this isn’t stopping Paramount from bringing more robot-fighting action to the big screen. 233 more words

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Hostel; or We Hear Slovenia's Much Nicer

Hello and Hallo-welcome to Hallowfest Octobfilm, and our first instalment of Straight-up Scary Saturdays, where we look at a wide variety of films from lots of different sub-genres. 1,924 more words


Reiterated outposts of your
several selves, lost or forgot, or
going on without you, this pressed trail or
stacked askew in your way, all that paper… 57 more words


2015 Movie Review Roundup

I get free movie tickets so I see movies pretty often which is awesome. But I don’t have time to write reviews about each and every one of them unfortunately. 1,011 more words

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What Do You Do? - Goonies II - Konami - 1987

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1987
Genre: Adventure Platformer

Video games and film go hand in hand often enough. Almost every movie made in the 80’s has some kind of video game tie-in. 872 more words

TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2015 Edition: NORAGAMI Aragoto

Hey, a sequel to a show I first did a Time of the Season on…..

Oh wait, that was Space Dandy.

OK, the second show I did on Time of the Season now has a sequel and it’s a sequel to one of 3 BONES shows I liked last year. 340 more words


Less than a week to go!

Ariana is one of a kind… Or is she? As she grows so do her powers.  Can she control them or will she let them consume her from within?   76 more words