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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two (2015)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two may be the bleakest Young Adult-adaptation ever put to film. It’s a franchise that began with the televised spectacle of children killing children, so it’s never exactly been the cuddliest environment for our emotions. 1,683 more words


Book Review: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

After reading Harper Lee’s now famous sequel (or prequel) to Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman, I think the first thing one notices is the mass confusion in Scout, now a 26-year old living in New York and coming back to Maycomb to discover and grapple with the bigotry inherent in the people of her hometown barring none, including Atticus. 582 more words

The Mountain Shadow by Gregory David Roberts

The Shadow Mountain is Gregory David Roberts‘ much anticipated follow-up to Shantarambut for me, it fell short of Shantaram in everything but length, if you can imagine that. 334 more words


CREED produces best Rocky story in 36 years

During recent weeks, all I heard about the seventh film in the Rocky series, Creed, was that it wasn’t needed. Fair game I figured. The sixth film seemed to put a nice stamp on the series after a lackluster fifth entry so why push it? 981 more words

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Auran Chronicles Book 2 - 10,000 words reached

A milestone reached last night – 10,000 words in the sequel to the Message Bearer. I don’t have a title for it yet, so “Book 2” will have to do for now. 152 more words


Jessica Jones Series Review

After Daredevil it’s pretty fair to say that expectations for this series were pretty high. Even as I write this, IMDB considers it the 94th greatest TV show ever. 378 more words


Parent Movie Review: CREED

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? The son of boxing legend Apollo Creed enlists his late father’s rival and best friend, Rocky Balboa, to train him. (It’s really about much more than that, but I don’t want to spoil it). 520 more words

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