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A Day Math III 3.4.15

For next class please complete note cards for the following terms:

Arithmetic Sequence
Recursive Equation for Arithmetic Sequences
Explicit Equation for Arithmetic Sequences
Arithmetic Series… 21 more words
Math III Homework

A Day Math III Homework 2.24.15

For next class you need to be through the Try These C in the the 1.1 DVD Promotion packet.  Additionally, you need to complete #1-12 in 12.1 College Tutoring.

Math III Homework


This is an example of how sequences and series are used in “real life.”  It could be used in a calculus class or an advanced math class. 333 more words

Before Calculus

A Simple Proof That the p-Series Converges for p > 1

Proving that the p-series converges for is a standard exercise in second-semester calculus.  It’s also an important property to know when establishing the convergence of other series when using a comparison test.   162 more words