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Type 10: Sequences and Series Questions

The last BC question on the exams usually concerns sequences and series. The question usually asks students to write a Taylor or Maclaurin series and to answer questions about it and its… 830 more words


Good Question 14

Good Question 14 – The Integral Test

I have no criteria for what constitutes a “Good Question” for this series of occasional posts. They are just questions that I found interesting, or that seem more than usually instructive, or that I learn something from. 460 more words

Sequences And Series

Mathematical Induction

What is Induction?

Induction is a mathematical proof used to prove a statement about a given sequence or series.

What is the rationale behind induction? 293 more words


What Convergence Test Should I Use? Part 2

In last’s Friday’s post I really didn’t answer this question. Rather, I tried to show that there is not only one convergence test that must be used on a given series. 761 more words

Sequences And Series

Which Convergence Test Should I Use? Part 1

One common question from students first learning about series is how to know which convergence test to use with a given series.  The first answer is: practice, practice, practice. 806 more words

Sequences And Series

More on Power Series

Continuing with post on sequences and series

New Series from Old 1 Rewriting using substitution

New Series from Old 2 Finding series by differentiating and integrating… 79 more words

Power Series

Introducing Power Series

The posts for the next several weeks will be on topics tested only on the BC Calculus exams. Continuing with some posts on introducing power series (the Taylor and Maclaurin series) 90 more words

Power Series