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Love For The Elderly

Fourteen is the age to sleep until noon, obsess over texting, and crave the latest and greatest computer game. Not to mention adjust to high school. 493 more words

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Yoga Kindness

I volunteer my time to help at the local yoga teacher training once a month to break down and clean up because the students are very tired from long weekends practicing yoga. 52 more words

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Kindness For a Classmate

A classmate of mine became unwell and could not make it to class. I offered to take detailed notes and show her what we did, in the class that she missed. 19 more words

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A Special Act of Kindness

As I have posted before I work with the developmentally delayed and mentally ill population of the Greater Nashua area. This story is about one of my clients who lives with autism, speech delays, depression and anxiety. 130 more words

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Cell Phone Found & Kindly Returned

One night, driving home late from work, I saw a bright shining light in the road. I thought it was an animal and did not want to hit it! 121 more words

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The Kindness of Neighbors

During the past winter months the seasonal house across from where I live is often unoccupied and therefore the owners didn’t plow the driveway with every storm.   158 more words

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Summer Kindness

I am a mother of two and live close to our town lake.  My children and I spend a lot of the hot summer days at the lake keeping cool and having fun.   138 more words

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