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Last week we here in southern California were waddled tightly in a heavy woolen blanket of stifling heat. The kind of heat that makes it difficult to catch your breath, let alone complete any task at a rate too slow to be counted as productive. 646 more words

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berawal dari Gani, anak sulung ane yang suka dengan kucing, istri ane kerap mengusulkan agar memelihara kelinci sebagai pengganti kucing. kelinci menjadi pilihan karena selain hewan penurut juga perawatannya pun tidak sulit. 255 more words


State of Cockfighting and Fancy Chicken Breeding in the Philippines

Cockfighting in the Philippines is worth more than Php 50 Billion industry ! .  This does not include breeding fancy chickens for pet and food  ( like bantams, serama, silkie chicken , cochin ,  frizzle , parawakan )   poultry industry for eggs and meat in which big name commercial feeds and multi-national companies. 802 more words

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