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The Balkan Wars Created a Generation of Christian Terrorists

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent civil war were a powerful seedbed for Islamist radicalism. So were other wars, from Chechnya to Iraq. But one critical conflict that has shaped the course of global extremism and terrorism has been overlooked. 1,254 more words


The Prince of Mirijevo — The Many Famous Faces of Požarevac (Not Including the Most Famous)

I read further into the book, magnificently titled ‘It’s about Požarevac…’. A fairly humdrum section detailed the various important positions that the town holds in the Braničevo district, which essentially amount to being the capital of the region. 888 more words


Drawing Borders

The following text was first published in the Serbian weekly NIN in the 23 May edition.

When the Serbian Minister of Defense (former ally of Mira Marković, Slobodan Miloševićs recently deceased wife) Aleksandar Vulin asks for an “as urgently as possible and secure creation of a border with Albanians” (using the derogatory term for Albanians: „ 1,005 more words


Fun times

Couple of days ago, my friend and I went to another city to get a dress for her sisters b-day party! We went to Belgrade because we tought it offered more choices. 270 more words

The Prince of Mirijevo — King Peter the Liberator & the Architectural Langour of Zrenjanin

With the beer, the rain and the pizza seemingly in the rearview mirror, I headed back to Zrenjanin’s main square for a better look. Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) is a typically elegant Vojvodina square, a large expanse ringed by the city’s most important buildings and no small amount of social activity. 1,147 more words


Traveling ke Belgrade, Serbia


I made it!


Yes, se excited itu gw pas akhirnya tiba di Belgrade, Serbia dan udah jalan-jalan keliling kotanya. Gw se-semangat itu, karena emang traveling ke Serbia ini salah satu kepengenan gw untuk singgah ke negara bekas perang tersebut, sehingga… 1,795 more words

Eropa Balkan Route