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Krupajsko Vrelo blue karstic spring in eastern Serbia

Krupajsko Vrelo blue karstic spring in eastern Serbia

The Hotel Leopold I. - Feeling Truly Imperial

The Leopold I. is a true luxury hotel full of splendor and eye for the details. Located in the castle of Petrovaradin right on the hilltop overlooking Novi Sad across the river this hotel is part of the fortress walls and next to the panorama terrace with its magnificient view over Novi Sad. 356 more words



Mein Top ist leicht verrutscht. Die eine Brust schaut etwas mehr heraus, dafür ist die zweite etwas mehr verdeckt. Zwei Hunde unterhalten sich unten im Park. 433 more words

Serbisk krigshelt dømt

Flere MSMer fortæller at en af de serbisk ledere, Radovan Karadžić fra krigsårene i 1990erne er blevet idømt 40 års fængsel for sin deltagelse i forsvaret af den Serbiske nation, dens mennesker og territorie. 1,607 more words


Abschiebung aus Saalfelder Unterkunft

Deportation terror on Roma refugees continues – KURZINFO: Nächtliche Abschiebung einer serbischen Familie aus Saalfeld!

Deportation is the hallmark of the states instigated suicidal terror on refugees to divide and keep us under control. 211 more words

Roma Diskriminierung

Press release by Roma Thüringen concerning the group deportation of December 16, 2015 – Every deportation is a crime

Every deportation is a crime!

For several weeks, mass deportations of Romanies and other refugees from so-called ’safe countries of origin‘ have been taking place. The fact that these countries are not safe, in particular for Romanies and other minorities, which been proven by Romany organisation as well as other NGOs many times. 1,550 more words