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Are Monkeys Cuter Than Baboons?

It was inevitable. The Olive Baboons and the Vervet Monkeys in the Serengeti National Park finally got there own post. Both of these primates have so many different sides to their personality and looks. 179 more words

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Meeting Cheetahs in the Serengeti

We might as well admit it. Yes, we were more than lucky on this trip. Not only did we see numerous lions and a leopard with her cub (a very rare experience) but we also had the opportunity to get very close to some cheetahs which is not a common occurrence. 185 more words

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Elephant Memories In The Serengeti

Elephants have great memories and apparently never forget, but our memories are not as good and fade with time so it is best to capture them in photographs. 264 more words

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The King Lives Up to His Reputation

Lions were out in full force in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater during our 4 day safari. We came across 4 different prides and a number of solitary lions. 289 more words

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Pen Pals & Whale Tales

When I first arrived at JBFC, one of my first duties was helping various classes write letters to their Pen Pals in the USA and thank you letters to donors. 740 more words


Giraffes of the Serengeti, Tanzania

Many animals are extremely difficult to spot in the wild. Giraffes, however, are probably the easiest because they are so tall and can be spotted from a long distance. 61 more words


Hoped To See A Leopard But Got Much More

Growing up in Africa, Tricia has been in about 20 game parks but had never seen a leopard. They are largely nocturnal and very elusive. She told Vincent, our guide from… 164 more words

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