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Serge Blanco and the fall of French rugby

In Cardiff last Saturday night, Serge Blanco sat with a thousand yard stare as the All Blacks swept his charges away. Not since the Nazis raced through the Ardennes in May 1940 has a French outfit been so catastrophically overwhelmed. 394 more words

The 10 greatest tries scored at the Rugby World Cup

In order to mark┬áthe beginning of the 2015 Rugby World Cup tomorrow and to get into the spirit of it, I thought I would attempt to compile a few “best of” lists to celebrate the tournament and its brief 28-year history. 1,377 more words


August 31 in history

12 Gaius Caligula, Roman Emperor, was born (d. 41).

1218 Al-Kamil became Sultan of Egypt, Syria and northern Mesopotamia on the death of his father Al-Adil. 595 more words