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Five more Russians blacklisted in U.S. for human rights abuses — including Putin's 'chief enforcer'

The Obama administration on Monday added five more Russians, including a senior government official who is an underling of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to a list of people who are banned from travelling to the United States and subject to asset freezes for human rights abuses. 503 more words


Russia Critical of The U.S: American blacklist additions another move to degrade bilateral ties

 (AFP) – The Kremlin deplored Tuesday the United States’ blacklisting of a high-ranking official and the prime suspects in the 2006 murder of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko as a move that further damages bilateral ties. 262 more words

Nothing is True and Everything is Possible

By David Michael Newstead.

In Nothing is True and Everything is Possible, Peter Pomerantsev discusses his nine years working in reality TV in Moscow. It’s a place where beautiful gold diggers who never knew their fathers dream of meeting a rich husband, ex-gangsters become local heroes who direct action movies, and religious cults try to warp the minds of their followers to an absurd degree. 920 more words


British MPs back UK asset freeze for human rights abusers


© Hermitage/AFP | Sergei Magnitsky — Magnitsky died in prison after revealing fraud by state officials

LONDON (AFP) – British lawmakers have tabled a change in the law to enable the government to freeze British assets of international human rights abusers, following a campaign in memory of late Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. 301 more words

Marcus Kolga: Canada aids Russian corruption in refusing to adopt a Magnitsky law

Seven years ago this week, a Russian lawyer who had discovered that Kremlin officials had stolen $230 million from the Russian treasury, lay beaten and lifeless on the cold and filthy floor of Moscow’s Matrosskaya Tishina prison. 759 more words

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Red Notice (Memoir, Recommended)

Red Notice by Bill Browder

Financial wunderkind battles corruption in Putin’s Russia. Superfluous autobiographical details.

Update: A December 2016 poll shows 39% of Americans admire Putin. 45 more words