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My handsome boys

Dima and Sergei at a birthday party for another boy.

With letters from me.


Tekken 7: Dragunov Juggles

Tons of tekken 7 videos have started appearing on youtube. Man, it must be a great time to visit the arcades of Tokyo. Thanks to Nobi, we can at least have an idea of how the juggle system is in Tekken 7. 253 more words

Fighting Games

Dima and Sergei at English Club

The theme was parts of the body! I’m glad to see Sergei attend English Club! Sometimes Dima attends but this is the first time I’ve seen Sergei attend!

Dima and Sergei

I sent Dima and Sergei surveys. I asked some questions that I knew the answers to, and some questions that I thought might be too hard to answer, but my hopes was to learn a little more than I have over the past two years of writing to them! 120 more words


Wednesday 21 – Thursday 22 January 2015

‘An empty hallway is one of the saddest things you’ll ever see in your life.’ Mona closed her eyes as she remembered the last empty hallway that she had seen. 899 more words

Twisted Fiction

Homazhe Bukurisë

“Kam një fjalë, që me dashje do ta thoja- listo me durim;

Dritë e syve të mi.

Një dëshirë e pandërprerë e mbush zemrën time fytyrën ku ti ndriçon,

1,610 more words
Kritika Të Filmit