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Western Wednesday: The Hellbenders (1967)

The Hellbenders is a difficult film. The 1967 Sergio Corbucci western features a screenplay by producer Albert Band and writer Ugo Liberatore, with Enzo Barboni’s cinematography making the most of the desert vistas. 530 more words



Sandro Forte for Cinetalk.net

The AMS label released an LP version of Luis Bacalov landmark score to Sergio Corbucci’s original Django (1966). Despite the awful cover Art, it is great. 258 more words


Western Wednesday: Minnesota Clay (1964)

Sergio Corbucci enters the spaghetti western fray with Minnesota Clay, his first solo picture as director and his first western after co-directing 1964’s Grand Canyon Massacre… 607 more words


The Travails of Col. Jonas


Sergio Corbucci’s 1967 film “Hellbenders” (“I crudeli”) is a bit less visually flamboyant than some of his better-known westerns and unfortunately less well-known. 877 more words

Film Criticism

Super Fuzz

I have been obsessed with Super Fuzz since I was eight years old, when it seemed like HBO played it twice a day for several years. 652 more words


MORRICONE: Il grande silenzio (The Great Silence)

Sandro Forte for Cinetalk.net

Dagored just released, for the first time in decades (on vinyl), Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to Sergio Corbucci’s thrilling 1968 Spaghetti Western  … 216 more words


Throwback Thursday - Django (1966)

Between this blog and my previous one, Professor Damian’s Public Domain Treasure Chest, I’ve been writing about movies for quite a while now. Because of that, there are a lot of posts that have simply gotten lost to the mists of time. 1,507 more words