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Unsolved: The Lawton Serial Killer

Lawton has a long, sometimes troubled history, as many places in Oklahoma do. It became the site of wars and skirmishes during its territorial days; confrontations with native peoples that still leave scars that stretch into the present. 1,333 more words


Irish Stew: a heady recipe.

A review by Daniel Magennis, PhD Student at Queen’s University Belfast.

Chers lecteurs … Prenez garde : vous avez bu le seul poison qu’il est impossible de recracher. 731 more words


Colfax County Serial Killer's Wife Bears Him a Son

On June 24, 1869 a baby boy was born to Charles and Gregoria Kennedy, presumably at their cabin at the foot of Palo Flechado Pass on the road between Taos and Elizabethtown. 231 more words

American West

The Devil in the White City by: Erik Larson

I have been looking forward to reading this one all year. Isaac’s Storm is to this day one of those books that I get butterflies when I think about it. 606 more words


Review: Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

As a rule, I had decided never to review books by authors that have been lifelong favourites. This was mostly because I often found my choices not holding up under any sort of critical scrutiny, Also, I believe that overthinking why you like something a lot just takes away from the simple joy of it. 1,132 more words

Adult Fiction

Zodiac killer gets rid of FBI director, makes threats

To the FBI. This is the Zodiac speaking. I have stopped killing my beloved Americans and decided to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. 300 more words


Slaughter House


Daily Musings:

Death is the one sure thing that will happen in our lives. Eventually our existence becomes nothing. People are terrified of death. They don’t want to die. 2,493 more words