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Man Who Went On 9-Day Killing Spree In 1977 Denied Parole

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — One of the worst serial killers in California’s Orange County’s history has been denied parole and will remain in custody for at least seven more years. 84 more words


From "The Serial Lifer" by Letisha Frieler

Mattheson looked at the shambling zombie walking gaily down main street, protected by a police cordon from curious onlookers. The corpse had been carefully dressed in someone’s Sunday finest and given a complete makeover with wig, silicone prostheses, and foundation–enough that it could almost pass for alive. 165 more words


Do Psychopaths Have Any Values?

When people hear the term “psychopath” they generally think “criminal”. This is understandable, as many criminals are psychopaths. However, not all psychopaths are criminals. As I said in my first post, not all psychopaths are the same. 807 more words

A Psychopath And A Scholar

Serial Killer: Juan Vallejo Corona *The Machete Murderer*

Donald Dale Smith
Elbert J. Riley
John Haluka
Lloyd Wenzel
Medford Sample
Paul Allen
Warren Jerome Kelley
14 Unnamed victims

Corona’s brother blamed in deaths… 159 more words


Do Psychopaths Know Right From Wrong?

I recently read an article by a doctor who claimed that psychopaths know right from wrong, they just don’t care. Is this true? It’s a complicated question, because it is a flawed question. 365 more words

A Psychopath And A Scholar

Hannibal Letter Syndrome: Psychology of Serial Killers

Hannibal Lecter, fictional serial killer legend, was inspired by a few actual serial murderers and true crime killings. However, if anything, Hannibal Lecter represents the perfect criminal psychology that all killers may strive to emulate. 441 more words

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