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The Delilah 100, 87/100: Intrigue

It was like I was doing something illicit for some reason. Sneaking around Richard. All my friendships had felt strangely like affairs, but my friendship with Susan sometimes felt like it really was one. 74 more words

The Delilah 100

The Protectors

Prompt Day #51: It’s common knowledge that serial killers often torture pets or insects in their youth. Write a scene where an animal tortures a kid, instead. 1,307 more words

Writing Challenge


Some serial killers have gained fame and notoriety for his horrific methods or the status of crimes never solved. But they can not be compared with these assassins who have left a lot of victims. 812 more words


Every shooting incident is followed by an interview...

Every shooting incident is followed by an interview with a stunned father.

Stunned Vallejo neighbors expressed surprise and anger as national media swarmed the home of the father of a man suspected with shooting to death a television reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast Wednesday morning from a shopping center in Virginia.

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The Delilah 100, 86/100: Meeting

We really started to get along after that first day she came to visit. A few weeks later she even invited me to lunch and shopping with her, and I couldn’t refuse. 69 more words

The Delilah 100

Hannibal : The Number of the Beast is 666

I have a correction to make.

Earlier, I’d stated that Chilton was played by a woman. Chilton is actually played by the actor, Raul Esparza. The woman I saw, is actually playing Dr. 723 more words

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Child 44

by Tom Rob Smith

The Russia of Stalin – bleak, full of fear and poverty yet officially the pinnacle of socialist prosperity. A killer of children surfaces and it is up to state security officer and former war hero Leo Demidov to investigate. 75 more words