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Episode 16: Dual Dirtbags - Serial Killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

Ugh. One serial killer is bad enough, but when two psycho losers team up and begin to realize their sick fantasies of keeping women in a dungeon and killing their friends and neighbors for the hell of it (not to mention shooting… 112 more words


She who played at being both the rabbit and the fox

She who played at being both the rabbit and the fox. A part of her knew how dangerous it was to keep cashing this cheque, but a bigger part of her enjoyed the work too much, lived for it. 243 more words


PSYCHO (1960): The Finest Cut of All

This month, over at Past Offenses, Rich is gathering bloggers together to celebrate the mystery fiction and cinema of 1960. It’s not a year particularly suited to my tastes, and as I trolled the lists to find something, the only title that called out to me was the Alfred Hitchcock film, … 2,051 more words


Outlaw Murderers: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Edmund Emil Kemper. David Berkowitz. Laurie Dann. Zodiac. Patrick Purdy. Charles Manson. Howard Unruh. Andrei Chikatilo. Timothy McVeigh. Jeffrey Dahmer. Martin Bryant. Andrew Kehoe. Henry Lee Lucas. 313 more words

Child Abuse

The Life series, on Lisa Burton Radio

Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio; the show where we introduce the characters you love to read about. I'm your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my special guest today is Jack Holland, from The Ninth Life and The Last Life, by Jaye Marie. 863 more words

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