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Doing Time for Serious Crime

You are not Bad

waiting to be


but Evil

waiting to be


You have made

a deal with

the Devil

and it consumes…

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Kait King Author

The Parent Trap - the Dark Side

Okay, does anyone else find the whole concept of The Parent Trap profoundly disturbing?? Maybe it’s because I lost my father when I
was eight, but I find the whole idea kind of warped. 140 more words


Deceived-Book Review 

Greetings my fellow bloggers and readers, I hope your day was pleasant. I have finally gotten over my stiffening reading slump and managed to review another book. 1,183 more words

Book Reviews


i rewrote one of the things from all those years ago (three, if i’m not wrong), and i’m surprised at how much this has changed. oh well. 2,275 more words


In the Shadow of Jack the Ripper: The Thames Torso Murders

Perhaps it isn’t a surprise that many other unsolved cases in Victorian London are little more than an afterthought. After all, in comparison to Jack the Ripper, these were all pretty tame, right? 1,776 more words

Unidentified Decedent

Couples Who Kill: The Sunset Strip Killers

This serial killing duo should probably be more talked about than it is. I recently read about this one a few years ago, and it has stuck with me since.  1,343 more words

Female Killers

Crafting Perfection: The Dexter of Season One

Crime shows have seemingly been around since the dawn of time and in such an abundance that it would take several lifetimes to get through them all. 1,371 more words

Criminal Psychology