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The Delilah 100, 61/100: Contrition

That was the one place he wouldn’t want to go with me, and it seemed like he understood the enormity of what I felt. How I needed to be alone. 75 more words

The Delilah 100

Captain Paul Watson Commentary: Cecil was Murdered and Now His Brother Jericho is Dead

Cecil was Murdered and Now His Brother Jericho is Dead

These Sociopathic Trophy Hunters must be Stopped.

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Walter Palmer the lion-killing dentist from Minnesota has opened up a nightmare of violence against lions in Zimbabwe. 1,152 more words

Animal Protection

The Delilah 100, 60/100: Shame

Of course I said yes. Of course I still wanted to. But it was so real now. I’d never been so afraid in all my life, never so excited. 74 more words

The Delilah 100

How About We Hunt Animal Serial Killers?

Animal serial killers (commonly referred to as hunters) consider it sport and recreation to kill other creatures.

They use sophisticated weapons against animals who do not even know they are being hunted. 427 more words

True Crime and True Grit

Why did she do it?  Why did Ann Rule write about Ted Bundy, murder and mayhem and become so popular in true crime?  “I want to warn potential victims. 1,292 more words

The Delilah 100, 59/100: Repression

You know what happened if you’ve talked to Richard. If you haven’t yet, well—you’ll have to wait for him then. I don’t want to talk about it because it hurts to think he was lying to me then. 63 more words

The Delilah 100

Bugout Part 174 - Blue Flames

Frank and Jerry ran towards the office as the gunfire intensified. Clint, Jane, and Jasmine were right behind them. Frank heard some commotion and looked back. 3,639 more words