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Aquarius Premiere

I totally forgot this was coming on but I knew I wanted to watch it when I first heard about it because serial killers and crime shows are kind of my favorite thing in the world; plus I’ve been in a desperate need for new television.   646 more words


Black Widow: Australia's first female serial killer

CAROL BAXTER is an author, genealogist and ‘history detective’ who finds out the hidden stories behind some of Australia’s most notorious personalities. In Carol’s new book,  1,382 more words

Book Review

Bugout Part 146 - The Invisible Hand

Gabe was driving the Suburban on the interstate. Hilda sat in the front passenger seat, and Earl was sleeping in the back, sprawled out as comfortably as he could get himself. 3,791 more words


Harvey Murray Glatman

Harvey Glatman had a sort of Howdy Doody visage. Or, at the very least, he seems to have had such a visage in the famous picture we’ve seen of him. 1,162 more words


How dark is too dark?

So, maybe you’re a teenager or twenty-something, goth or just likes to wear black, thinks deep thoughts about death and realizes your life is going nowhere even though it’s just begun. 414 more words


Don't Despair

Have you ever stumbled into a new hobby or fandom? Maybe had a passing interest in something, and found out there’s an entire subculture devoted to it? 553 more words


Bugout Part 145 - The New Normal?

Mary bent over Saladin’s body, on the cot in the cell, with the drop light being held by Kurt.

“He can’t get much deader than this,” Mary said, standing up. 3,593 more words