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Doing Time for Serious Crime

You are not Bad

waiting to be


but Evil

waiting to be


You have made

a deal with

the Devil

and it consumes…

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Kait King Author

Amy's Story: Part 6...Catapult into Death

Catapult into Death


(To read Amy’s story from the beginning visit here)

He leaned in even closer, and Amy feared he would kiss her, but instead he put his lips to her ear and whispered,  “Enjoy their warmth…they will never touch your body again.” 2,104 more words


True Crime Corner: Arthur Shawcross

The areas near rivers are sometimes used as body dumps for serial killers. While Gary Ridgway favored locations around the Green River, another man frequented New York’s Genesee River, becoming known as The Genesee River Killer. 756 more words


Unfriended (2014) - Review

Unfriended is about a group of teenagers with a dark secret who are being hunted by a mysterious killer. Slowly, the truth about what really happened all those years ago is revealed,  and at the same time characters are murdered one by one. 513 more words


The World of the Werewolf

Shapeshifters are a constant in human culture, especially the belief in humans with the ability to transform into animals. The most popular of these is the werewolf. 1,068 more words


The Barbie and Ken Killers: Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Welcome back gals and ghouls, to another edition of Nightscrawlers. I’ve been reading a lot of true crime novels lately, so I think I’m going to be posting quite a few stories about real life events. 2,327 more words


Moors murderer Ian Brady’s twisted last wish has the coroner refusing to release his body for cremation

LONDON — Ian Brady made a final request that his ashes be scattered on the moors where he buried his victims, a coroner has suggested. 524 more words