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DEAD AIR, short story by Orlando SC/Hell's Reject

Okay guys, thought you were getting tired of my old shit so i am giving yo something new; Β I created a short story once again in based on true storyΒ format, like you would see on Reddit’s NoSleepΒ page.Β  3,989 more words

αƒ‘αƒ”αƒ αƒ˜αƒ£αƒšαƒ˜ αƒ›αƒ™αƒ•αƒšαƒ”αƒšαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜ Top 5

αƒ‘αƒ”αƒ αƒ˜αƒ£αƒš αƒ›αƒ™αƒ•αƒšαƒ”αƒšαƒαƒ“ αƒ˜αƒ¬αƒαƒ“αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ αƒžαƒ˜αƒ αƒαƒ•αƒœαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ, αƒ αƒαƒ›αƒ”αƒšαƒ‘αƒαƒͺ αƒ©αƒαƒ“αƒ”αƒœαƒ˜αƒšαƒ˜ აαƒ₯ვბ 4-5 αƒ›αƒ™αƒ•αƒšαƒ”αƒšαƒαƒ‘αƒαƒ–αƒ” αƒ›αƒ”αƒ’αƒ˜ და ებ αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ‘αƒαƒ αƒαƒ’αƒ” αƒ’αƒαƒœαƒžαƒ˜αƒ αƒαƒ‘αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ£αƒšαƒ˜αƒ αƒ›αƒαƒ—αƒ˜ αƒαƒ αƒαƒ›αƒ“αƒ’αƒ αƒαƒ“αƒ˜ αƒ€αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ₯αƒαƒšαƒαƒ’αƒ˜αƒ£αƒ αƒ˜ αƒαƒ¨αƒšαƒ˜αƒšαƒαƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ—. αƒ›αƒ™αƒ•αƒšαƒ”αƒšαƒαƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ‘ αƒ›αƒ˜αƒ–αƒαƒœαƒ˜, როგორαƒͺ αƒ¬αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜, αƒ€αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ₯αƒαƒšαƒαƒ’αƒ˜αƒ£αƒ αƒ˜ αƒ™αƒ›αƒαƒ§αƒαƒ€αƒ˜αƒšαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ‘ αƒ’αƒαƒœαƒͺαƒ“αƒ˜αƒ‘ αƒ›αƒ˜αƒ¦αƒ”αƒ‘αƒαƒ. 41 more words


another assignment for my writing course. i got full marks on this one too! we had to write about the change that occurred in a person – in the ‘once i was ____; now i am ____’ format, with changes if needed. 2,335 more words


The Sentient Mimic by Ian Williams

The Sentient Mimic by Ian Williams picks up where Book 1, The Sentient Collector, leaves off. Eighteen months after the catastrophic failure of the Simova company after a terrorist attack, the city of New Chelmsford is struggling to get back on its feet. 321 more words

Book Reviews

Book review: The Obsession (Nora Roberts)

Plot: (not included – I literally couldn’t find one that didn’t spoil the entire book!)

Rating: 8/10

So I gave in to my obsession (hehe) and bought this book in a world where books have become so expensive I’m not that surprised that people aren’t reading anymore. 402 more words


Unsavory Alums: Schools and Serial Killers

I found out that the Unabomber attended the University of Michigan shortlyΒ after transferring there in 2006. There was no avoiding the revelation. Ted Kaczynski’s memoirs were housed in the Hatcher Graduate Library, after all. 1,354 more words

Other Oddities

Monster, Volume 1: The Perfect Edition: Naoki Urasawa


With manga or comic books, I usually like to finish reading an entire series before I write a review; however, I needed to talk aboutΒ Volume 1 of… 424 more words