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Bugout Part 163 - Uncle Jasper

Frank looked up and saw the General walking quickly towards him.

“Hi, General,” Frank said. “What’s up?”

“News on the WTO,” he said.

“Good,” Frank said. 3,536 more words


The Delilah 100, 33/100: Secrecy

Sometimes Richard liked to wander, though. Sometimes he was gone for awhile. It wasn’t always a problem once he learned to call me, but even that was a rare occurrence. 73 more words

Stay insane with me

I’ve always seen myself as a strange girl.

(But then again I suppose that people do usually find reasons to separate themselves from the crowd. So maybe I’m not so strange. 126 more words


Mel's 5 Second Review: Horsemen

(2009) Dennis Quaid, Ziyi Zhang, Lou Taylor Pucci, Clifton Collins Jr, Patrick Fugit, Eric Balfour, Peter Stormare, Liam James

So, this was a pretty good film, better than I’d been anticipating, but still not as good as I was hoping. 188 more words


The Escape by Hannah Jayne  - Two guys go into the woods, but only one makes it out alive

There aren’t a lot of psychological YA thrillers that don’t involve some element of the supernatural, but a The Escape is one that is worthy of an episode of Criminal Minds or CSI. 391 more words


From the mists of time: "I, the Jury"

It’s tempting to call 1982’s I, the Jury a sleazy, pulpy , mercenary adaptation of Mickey Spillane’s 1947 novel, but that would ignore just how sleazy and pulpy Spillane’s novel is in the first place. 1,211 more words

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