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Why the Physical Act of Cannibalism is So Rare Among Humans

We have an absolutely delightful, and, dare I say it….,yes of course I do, DELICIOUS and brand spanking new serial murder case out of russia. 471 more words

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Smaller and Smaller Circles -- a Terrific Mystery Set in the Philippines

Felisa Batacan has written a stunning murder mystery set in the Philippines. Smaller and Smaller Circles has it all — a strong emotional plot involving serial killing, political corruption and child abuse. 239 more words

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JFK Assassination Link to Golden Age of Serial Murder in amerikkka

The successful 1963 assassination of president John F. Kennedy by 20th century victim and Martyr Lee Harvey Oswald, was a big deal. The amerikkkan regime has always positioned its supreme leaders as being absolutely untouchable, and consistently brainwashes its citizen-slaves to think and believe it is impossible for anyone to successfully carry out a presidential assassination. 1,358 more words

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Serial Killer Caught.


After twenty years, the Claremont Serial Murders killer has been found and named!

Forty eight hours ago, the details were sketchy. A mysterious tent went up outside someone’s home in Kewdale and then a person was named the… 88 more words


The Devil in the White City

Erik Larson definitely did his research on this one. In the 1890s, Chicago was set as the location for the Columbian Exposition, also known as the World’s Fair, and architect Daniel Burnham was selected as the lead architect of the colossal project. 323 more words


A Fresh Look at Organized Crime ... referral by Alice ..

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Here is the take of the Tin Can Brothers on organized crime … Song: “Sorry I’m late, guys”:

In love, light and joy, 31 more words

Antisocial Personalities - Feral Humans - Controllers - Puppeteers

The ASP as Cannibal: On Resorbing a 'Bad Part' ... by Alice ..

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This is about the motivation behind the practice of serial killing and cannibalism by the antisocial personality (the sociopath) … 401 more words

Countering Black Magic And The Dark Network