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from Donovan; violence and love go together

Thrown like a star in my vast sleep
I opened my eyes to take a peek
To find that I was by the sea
Gazing with tranquility… 216 more words


the dark age of love: serial killing

new anthology on the philosophy of serial killing is set to be released through schism press edited by Edia Connole and Gary J Shipley. The anthology includes some impressive thinkers setting down some weird thoughts that push the idea of serial killers, serial killing and psychopaths beyond the domesticated borders of TV shows, psychiatric banalities, and the pathetic existentialist self-identifications of these killers as heroic figures on the fringes of things. 312 more words

Serial Killing

On Acting Out Sabotaging Energies: The Lady Killer ... by Alice

from the movie “Lady Killer,” starring James Cagney

Dear Ones,

Here’s more on upcoming issues of ‘acting out’ as the incoming light clears the distortions in our body of light. 472 more words

Ascension / Great Awakening / The Shift

My serial-killing teacher story

Before I say anything, I want to say that I have not given up on my serial-killing teacher story.  I have not worked on it for a long time, though. 326 more words

My thoughts and notes on True Crime Part One.

My notes and thoughts on Serial Killers thus far. I do not consider the Serial Mind insane or psychotic, but a mere representation of a predatorial and almost Medieval mindset. 5,251 more words

Serial Killings