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Serial port gender changer

When I wrote in a previous post about finding my old USB to serial port converter some time back, I realised that in some instances, I might need gender changers. 93 more words


USB to serial port adapter

In the days of old, computers (desktops as well as laptops) came with serial ports for connections of peripherals like modems. In 1996 or 1997, when USB started getting popular, usage of serial ports started t wane until it came a time when you bought a new computer, it did not come with serial ports. 143 more words


Serial Ports and Linux Screen

I am familiar with the screen tool on Linux for setting up terminal sessions that survive disconnect. At a job once I had a Linux workstation with OpenSUSE that was terribly unstable. 158 more words


Serial TTL Communication with the ESP8266

Needed to connect the FTDI serial connection on my¬†ESP8266 board to my USB connection on my computer. ¬†Initially tried to use an old Arduino USB2Serial… 375 more words


Removing Hidden COM & LPT Ports and Devices on Windows

These days machines do not have physical serial (COM) ports any more. I do not understand why the USB group had missed to define a clean serial communication standard :-(. 511 more words

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Arduino Ethernet shield and Python socket

I started playing with an Ethernet shield for Arduino that I bought at a faire. I noticed that the shield itself is not original, but it’s a clone of the Arduino Ethernet Shield version 5.0, also identified as revision 2. 820 more words