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The tricky fax modem on the 386 machine

Mauritius was still in its slumber days, with a blurred view of the advancements of the personal computer world, when it was hit by a sudden technological revolution. 474 more words

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Data recovery from a broken android tablet (aka Everything with a CPU has a serial port!)

Some weeks ago I destroyed my tablet, let’s say “by mistake”. I actually destroyed the display first, and then the connector from the motherboard (the one and only board in the tablet) and the LCD. 275 more words


Adding a (extra) Hardware Serial Port using I2C on Arduino or other MCU - SyedTips - 3

One cool thing/feature I learned from the Arduino Uno WiFi board was how to implement/add an extra hardware Serial Port to the existing MCU using a I2C to Serial Bridge. 122 more words


Write commands to serial port from c# application

In one of my projects I needed to use a DEVICE which used serial port to communicate with any other application. Hence from my C# application I had to somehow send commands to that device in order to operate it. 325 more words


Quad Serial Adapter

Despite concerted efforts to kill them, serial ports are alive and well, especially in embedded system. True, most of them end in a USB port, these days, but there’s still a lot of gear with a DE-9 (it isn’t a DB-9, despite the common use of the word) or a TTL-serial port lurking around. 136 more words


Tech Terms: Serial Port

The serial port is a type of connection on PCs that is used for peripherals such as mice, gaming controllers, modems, and older printers. It is sometimes called a COM port or an RS-232 port, which is its technical name. 96 more words

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The troubles of serial communication on a Mac

Sure a fun topic for my first blog post. But trying to connect to a serial device on a Mac is driving me nuts. I’m just gonna vent my frustration out and tell you the simple solution of where you can find the USB/Serial devices found on your mac. 196 more words