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Serial port configuration

How to access Guest’s serial port from host (Virtualbox)

  • Goto VMs Settings -> Serial Ports
  • Port 1
  • Enable Serial Port
  • Port number : COM1  <= This maps to guests’ port…
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Dummies Guide to Reverse Engineering

has reverse engineered a router — specifically, a Huawei HG533. While that in itself may not sound substantial, what he has done is write a series of blog posts which can act as a great tutorial for anyone wanting to get started with sniffing hardware. 380 more words


Controlling a remote Arduino using a PC

The various Arduino Sketches and the controlling PC program can be found on my GitHub page here.

 This PC program was written using Visual Basic 2010 on a Windows 7 machine, but the program has been tested on a Windows 10 machine, so it should work on most… 2,187 more words


Serial port handler using python | pyAT.py

Welcome back to my crazy experiments!  This will be a little bit long tutorial because I try to explain few basic things first.

Explanation of background… 412 more words

The tricky fax modem on the 386 machine

Mauritius was still in its slumber days, with a blurred view of the advancements of the personal computer world, when it was hit by a sudden technological revolution. 474 more words

Personal Blog

Data recovery from a broken android tablet (aka Everything with a CPU has a serial port!)

Some weeks ago I destroyed my tablet, let’s say “by mistake”. I actually destroyed the display first, and then the connector from the motherboard (the one and only board in the tablet) and the LCD. 275 more words


Adding a (extra) Hardware Serial Port using I2C on Arduino or other MCU - SyedTips - 3

One cool thing/feature I learned from the Arduino Uno WiFi board was how to implement/add an extra hardware Serial Port to the existing MCU using a I2C to Serial Bridge. 122 more words