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Installing FreeBSD via a Serial Port

I recently wanted to install FreeBSD on a PC Engines APU device. The APU is a headless device, so it is not possible to connect a monitor. 136 more words


Reglo ICC serial port control via Matlab

For my experiment with zebrafish, I typically generate dynamic odor landscapes for the fish / fish brain explant by varying the speed of the wheels of an  182 more words

Difference Between a Null Modem and Straight Through Serial Cable

Just yesterday, my colleague was trying to fix an AMX processor and could not communicate with it. Then another colleague suggested that we use a cross serial cable aka a null-modem cable. 70 more words


UART (Serial Port)

It sounds like odd. We are using this old technology in 2016. There was the communication card for Apple II in 1978 . RS-232, a standard for serial communication transformation of data was introduced in 1962. 208 more words


So let's talk, .NET Serial Port.

You kind of suck. It’s not you’re fault. Since  .NET 1.0, you’ve been updated, what? Once? It’s clear that no one at Microsoft loves you. That’s a shame, since the hobbyist market has exploded, and many, MANY hobbyist boards communicate via Serial Port. 282 more words


Serial port gender changer

When I wrote in a previous post about finding my old USB to serial port converter some time back, I realised that in some instances, I might need gender changers. 93 more words


USB to serial port adapter

In the days of old, computers (desktops as well as laptops) came with serial ports for connections of peripherals like modems. In 1996 or 1997, when USB started getting popular, usage of serial ports started t wane until it came a time when you bought a new computer, it did not come with serial ports. 143 more words