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17 - An Inferno

“…And tears us apart.”

 – Talaun Silim, 679 Seven Moons

IT was another night of walking amongst trees for Mayumi, Dakila, and Angas. They managed to stave off hunger with the boar parts they had cut up, which for some reason, filled Mayumi up much faster than any other food she had eaten before. 3,187 more words



Episode 1
The old man cleared his throat again, this time the act sounded like the falling of old and rotten ceiling boards. Then he started, ‘Around these creeks you look forward to meeting terror every day. 603 more words


Season Two - Chapter 108

Jordain shrugged, his eyes following mine, weapon raising as my face opened wide. I pushed my hand out, resting on his forearm, but still it climbed. 1,361 more words



In the elevator I pushed myself up against the back wall, we’d be going up a while and there was always a lot of stop. Alex stood next to me. 489 more words


Storm Wings: Chapter 19, Part 3

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Islands of Hope Update - 26/05/2018

I really seem to have the writing bug at the moment. This week has seen me spend a lot of time editing ‘A Close Shave with Destiny’ but still write over a thousand words for the ‘Islands of Hope’ update. 93 more words