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Symphony 56

Over in A Writing Life today, there is a post that gives the background for this part of Symphony.


That uncorked the bottle. 606 more words


Not My Thing

His fingers were warm against her cool skin. Dee squirmed when Nox touched her. “Sit Still” he chided her. Dee froze but she couldn’t help moving when his fingers found another ticklish spot. 1,867 more words


Double Dog Dare You


One thing was certain now in Matt’s mind – Wyn liked him. And there was a very nagging feeling that said he liked the other man back. 1,323 more words


Leg It (Part fifty-seven)

I checked my watch as I stood at the fire exit. Not long now.

Claire had followed me out.

“You hate Kev don’t you?” She said. 2,006 more words


54: "Surely there was no need for that"

Nazari and The Animals’ popularity had grown even more since they’d played at the Home Grown music festival. Now people came to see them specifically, not only because they liked to hear a band play Duran Duran songs live. 1,118 more words


Forms of Media- Listening to a Podcast

In our world today, electronics have taken over and these revolutionary technologies have reshaped the way we look at media. During my life, I have seen technology transform the world around me. 424 more words


“Yes.” gushed from her lips as hands reached my face to pull my mouth to envelope the remains of that elongated syllable. Our lips brushed then parted in parlay. 50 more words