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Hacker v Hacker

I set up my computer and as I was getting ready to pull up the numbers to explore I had a message waiting from Sage. 1,249 more words


A Pillar Of The Community: Part Three

This is the third part of a fiction serial, in 1173 words.

Most of the other cops called him ‘Old Tom’, but he wasn’t really that old. 1,167 more words


78: "Well, you should still be embarrassed"

Jemima quit their rec volleyball league. She wouldn’t tell Bernie why, except that she didn’t feel well enough to play any longer.

“Should we be concerned about your apparent three-month illness?” Bernie asked her when Jemima came over to tell her she was quitting the team. 1,035 more words


Lessons (3)

“One day the truth will be so remote that you will resent it for even existing,” said the demon. “When that time comes, little princeling, seek me out and I will tell you the truth behind truths; the secret that lies buried at the heart of the world.” 458 more words


#WednesdayWriters: Nine Lives ~ chapter15

Chapter Fifteen

Later that evening, as Kate was sorting through her painting supplies to decide what she needed to stock up on, she thought she heard a child crying. 2,349 more words

Sharing Interests

Banner of the Hawk 51

“Is there any reason why this one’s death should endanger my son’s survival?”

“No. Rather the opposite; he . . .”

Marquart dragged Weikata’s body half off the table and pinned his chest into the crook of his left arm. 523 more words


Wratislaw part 4 of 10

A drily hyperbolic, humorous short story – a pianist with a passion for Janáček’s music finds the composer’s unrequited infatuation is part of the bargain… 440 more words

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