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Island of Hope Update - 21/10/2017

Well this week was a hard one, so very busy! I nearly only had 200 words to upload but I got a bit of free time towards the end of the week and managed to write about 600 more and finish off Chapter 6. 76 more words


My Apartment


I still couldn’t beleive I’d invited him home with me. I felt bad he was staying out late to let his parents have some alone time. 1,904 more words



By the time we reached the bears strong hold there were dead vampires and bears. I could smell the burning flesh as the vampires chased some of the bears outside. 876 more words


Episode One: Newborn - Part 2

Sheila decided there was enough of a story that we should stick around for a day or two investigating. We rented the cheapest overpriced room available at the local motel. 4,424 more words


Folley's Circus, by Lucio Rodriguez. Epilogue

Previous: Episode 12

Gaspard lay on the ground, letting the pain and shame pulse through him. Outside the tent, shouting, uncertainty. People ran this way and that. 2,970 more words


61. Worried man blues


That evening, I decided to go over and make some dinner, enough for two in case Matt came back early enough to eat. I took a change of clothes, so I could stay the night and go to work from there the next day; while I was hanging them up, I noticed how many of my clothes were hanging in Matt’s wardrobe. 6,646 more words


The Waterwood Box, 73

Catch up!

“Were there many of these ships?” asked Ramata.

Spot spoke up . “This isn’t the first floater I’ve seen. First one I’ve ever been in though.” 315 more words