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Podcasts - A few of my favorites

Hi my name is Tim Patten I am 22 and I am a podcast addict… 442 more words


And pointing something like that out to Mark was fairly certain to start a fight.


The Sunday Serial

The Confession

How did she know that? Could she read his mind? God, he hoped not. If she could, he was in BIG trouble. She’d find out about Jennie, that one night of the best sex of his life and of course, that he was head-over-heels in love. 347 more words


New project

The Strawbelly Boys is my latest project – a novel I’m releasing in a serial format, one chapter per week. It’s the story of a futuristic America plagued by food shortages, climate change, biowars, and a bunch of other things. 33 more words


Out for a Walk

McGilligan and Madison were walking near the climbing wall. Evans turned to walk towards them. Hopefully he hadn’t been doing too much moralizing. McGilligan didn’t need any more of that. 439 more words


Myths for Dinner-Chapter 4

Terri’s ears were ringing. For the very first time, since speaking her very first word, the detective found herself speechless. From the mouth of a mythological creature, she heard the name of a (thought to be) long dead naturalist, as a suspect in the murder of multiple other mythological creatures. 934 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo Complete

The Sundered Crown is now beyond my Camp NaNoWriMo goal of 18,000 words (actually closer to 19,000 by now) and I’ll be sending out the second chapter to my newsletter subscribers tomorrow (May 1st). 263 more words