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The Solune Prince: The Arena Part2; The Prince

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Chapter 21: The Arena Part2; The Prince

“Done!” Natasha shouted. Lilllith and Senica’s duel ended.

Lilllith said, “You’re trained in unarmed fighting.

1,996 more words

Making Up

Alex and I just stood there holding on to each other. He pulled away from me first and held me at arms length. “You should go put some eye liner on.” 555 more words


61: "Where did you get those shorts?"

Frank called into a meeting with Graeme the station manager one morning following the end of his radio show. His producer North and their intern Rahid were also in attendance, which was either a very good thing or a very bad thing. 988 more words


Nightwatch (WIP)

(The Silence of Ancient Light, continued)


That night, Anna could not sleep. Much weighed upon her mind, not least the disturbing death of the avian sailor at the hands — sorry, tentacles — of whatever sea creature it was they had encountered. 435 more words

Science Fiction

THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 29


I wasn’t sick
when I walked into school.
Viruses must have crept
with such silence
that I never noticed until I felt them
stuffing my stomach into a blender. 70 more words


Going Through the Motions

I don’t know how long I was in the closet before Ryan opened the door and pulled me from the blankets. I had long since cried myself out the power had died down and I felt numb to it all. 1,095 more words


60: "You are notoriously bad at cycling"

Since he’d been fired from The Board Shop, Jack was looking for work.

“You already have work,” Iggy pointed out when he said as much to her. 1,190 more words