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End of Project Recap: The Fletcher Family Problem

Earlier today, the final chapter of The Fletcher Family Problem went up.  I have to say I am happy to see the end.  I describe the story as Hatfields and McCoys, with a demon.   365 more words


Taking Creative Risks, Or, Matt Considers Giving Away His Book

I started writing when I was about fourteen. I decided I wanted to write a novel and made two of the half-hearted attempts a young teenager makes when attempting a lofty goal. 2,412 more words


Return to Collinsport 14: Hostage

Dr Lang stared at the android body and touched the shoulder. “He feels so real and is even anatomically correct.” Janice then realized Jacob was naked and started to turn a bit red. 1,468 more words


The Heist Diary of December Page


I’M NO GOOD AT STARTING DIARIES, so let me try this: My name is December Page. Every day, I go to an office and sit in a cubicle, where I collect words.  2,196 more words

J.T. Carlton

An Abundance of Apples (Part 5 of 5).

For the five Mondays in June, I’ve been taking a break from my usual subject to make one of my stories available free online. We’re now up to the final part of  744 more words

The Border: Part 6


Here is Part 6 of The Border for your enjoyment – the battle lines clash and our allies find themselves in a tough spot! If you like what you’ve read, please look into supporting my Kickstarter for Iron Tribune’s illustrations! 780 more words

Alternate History


“I really don’t mind,” Izzy said.

“And you still don’t have to.”

“Yeah I do. Actually. Because of the always being truthful thing.”

“Oh,” Emma said, and started to smile. “Seriously? That?”