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Debugging with Serial Print at 5333333 Baud

Debugging with printf is something has always found super handy, and as a result he’s always been interested in tweaking the process for improvements. This kind of debugging usually has microcontrollers sending messages over a serial port, but in embedded development there isn’t always a hardware UART, or it might already be in use. 252 more words

Arduino Hacks

Part 56 - House Full of Humans.


Rachel turned her head, a little startled. Lydia’s dad was turning on the coffee machine on the kitchen table. He wore a dressing gown and a bleary eyed expression. 1,026 more words


Facing Fears

After my eyes adjusted to the bright light, I saw Ash sitting in her chair. She waited patiently for me to come and take my seat. 586 more words


Storm Wings: Chapter 10, Part 1

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recenzja "teotfw"

Ahoj, Kamraci!

Dziś przybywam do Was z recenzją serialu “The End Of The Fucking World”. I tak, wiem, wiem, gwiazdki – ale to słowo tak soczyście i ideolllo opisuje ten serial, że nie mogłam tego słowa pominąć, ponieważ ów słowo odgrywa bardzo ważną rolę w naszym odbiorze tego serialu. 698 more words

Islands of Hope Update - 24/02/2018

It has been another busy week. I have been introducing new technology into my lessons at school and am teaching extra sessions on a Saturday for the next three weeks. 144 more words