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An Axe to Grind

She could see him. The chilly west coast wind whipped through her hair as she watched. Towering trees and ground foliage hid her from his view, but she saw everything. 305 more words


Conjuring Misery Chapter 8

Happy Monday! <—Oxymoron. Anywho, to make your Monday a bit more palatable I offer up Chapter Eight from Conjuring Misery. Once again we’ve got Dave Benneman… 2,735 more words

Camille Douglass

Raven's Run 14

The hollows between the waves had become like caverns. Wahini would crest a wave then plunge down into the trough with such speed that it seemed as if she would bury her bowsprit and keep on driving clear underwater. 595 more words


The Goode Life, Ch 2 (Mature, 18+)

James approached the young lady, with a smile, and extended his hand out in greeting. She flashed a pretty smile in return and took his hand. 1,984 more words


Chapter 12: My Jewel, my Little Flower

*Adult Content*

The man was waiting when she went to the barn with her copper pail to milk Bumble, lowing because Tanuvia was late. He pushed her to the ground, ripped the buttons from her pants, and held her down with his weight while he stripped her trousers. 1,647 more words


The Wolves of Rome

Lords of Creation

April 20th, 2023
Olympos, the seat of the Greek Gods.

Any mortal who climbs the peak would not find the grand palaces of the Olympians there, for the divine Olympos exists outside of space as most mortals understand it. 2,120 more words

Cities Eternal