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Charley's Tale Part 11

Dr. Graves, Charles’s colleague, recommended Ellen be admitted to the sanitarium  in Dallas for rest. Surprisingly, Ellen welcomed the idea.  She was familiar with the sanitarium.   363 more words


Ed Danvers Case File: Culver, Fred & Katherine

“Three psych evals in 18 months…” Dr. St. Claire said into the papers he was leafing through, “Says, quote, ‘You were always trying to make the smallest thing about ghosts like back home,’ end quote…” 7,144 more words


"Garden of Eden" Chapter 1: "Something to Do"

What is Garden of Eden?

I have had Garden of Eden, a short young-adult science-fiction novel, sitting on my hard drive since 2014, untouched. It was the first National Novel Writing Month piece I completed. 1,437 more words


we never meet

all the time we’re together

like matched poles

of significant magnetism

we slide when we push

but even that force

is received… 16 more words


Darker Stars BETA: Chapter 10

Sloe returned to the Clock Tower breathless and panting. He’d run the whole way from Raven’s doorstep to Aboreal’s exit portal.

That was some seriously good healing balm… 2,182 more words

Chess Desalls

Charley's Tale Part 11

Charley was miserable with her measles, but worse than measles was the separation from Cora.  The child asked after her constantly.  Because she was unsure if she’d ever had measles, Dr Evans asked her not to visit Charley.   461 more words