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The Shadow Wolf Sagas: The Whores's War 3.21

Hello! this is my weekly serial, written raw as a writing exercise. This week as a bonus I was sick and exhausted to boot!

You can find the first post in the series… 532 more words

Shadow Wolf Saga

No major posts for this evening, I’m afraid. My energy’s quite depleted at present. Tomorrow at 5PM, however, I’ll actually be putting up the beginnings of an original future-fantasy serial I have in the works. 67 more words



Jaen eyed him from the devastation of threadbare sheets and shredded pillows with a mix of satisfaction and self-disgust. She plucked a feather from her spiky hair, then swung both legs off the lumpy mattress. 82 more words


Chapter 20

It was too late to get out of the way. Mira flinched, fully expecting a wash of heat to char her skin. When it didn’t come, she cracked open one eye and peeked at the demon. 2,541 more words


Raven's Run 81

Raven was in danger, but I had no way to find her. No leads at all. The chances of her being in Venice were infinitesimal. Either Eric would have known that he couldn’t play here, or they would have found out immediately and left. 465 more words


Sensitive: Chapter Twenty-two/Twenty-three


I hadn’t understood about the engineering before.  It wasn’t as if we’d talked as friends before either. But if it was important to Jubilee, it was important to me. 1,496 more words


Advocate For The Dead Chapter 11: Mystery & Rage

Advocate For The Dead Table Of Contents

Chapter 11: Mystery & Rage

I awoke to the sound of knocking. It jolted me awake from my spot on the couch. 1,953 more words