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Episode 67 - Hell on earth

“So that’s what you’re up to, meeting another woman.  How many have you got on the go?”

Amanda looked the woman who had just seen them and come marching over, the most severe expression of her face she had ever seen on anyone, and that was saying something.  590 more words

Creative Writing

AfterDeath (Finale)


The crimson globe felt warm to the touch. Varonia did not expect it and quite enjoyed the sensation as her fingers contracted and the thing cracked. 746 more words


Days Until Home - Chapter 11

Days Until Home: UNKNOWN

After securing Femke to the bed in order to treat her wounds, Gauge had checked the only working computer panel in the room. 4,261 more words


Jandrax 39

Chapter 8

For two days the party went overland, staying clear of the river. The fugitives still had some meat and Jan slipped down to refill their water bag as often as necessary, leaving no tracks to tell of his coming. 614 more words


Does 'Rest in Peace' Mean Nothing? Part 1 - An Understanding


The banging stopped.

“I am done with this you little… whatever you are! I am just trying to relax on my day off, and you are banging and crashing and disturbing me!” 439 more words