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Francesca Woodman

“Thru 6/13: 120 works of photographer francesca woodman (nsfw), who committed suicide at age 22 in 1981, go on display at the Guggenheim.”

Jillian Stienhauer writing in the Paris Review (1) picks out this prosaic statement, an exhibition announcement in a New York “what’s on” guide, as a sad summary of Francesca Woodman’s legacy.

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Research And Reflection

Publication and Sequel

Now that we are several months out from when we first read The Familiar, more information is available about its sequel and the final design of the book. 352 more words

U Tennessee

Ludic Serialities @ CUNY

On April 23-24, 2015, I will be participating in the conference “Thinking Serially: Repetition, Continuation, Adaptation,” hosted by the Department of Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center, CUNY. 451 more words


The way that his hair falls in front of his face

as his fingers splayed wide press into his chest. Now he throws his head back and when again he meets the earnest gaze pinned beneath him, he laughs. 153 more words


Seriality explained

I found this article from the L.A. Times to be helpful in discovering more about seriality. The author uses “NCIS” as an example against a serial and explains the negative effects of this type of television show {which can also apply to literature).   232 more words

Reading Communities

Visualizing Digital Seriality / Duke Visualization Friday Forum

On January 30, 2015 (12:00-1:00pm), I will be speaking about visualization techniques and game-related serialization processes at the Duke Visualization Friday Forum. Organized by… 372 more words


"We have to go back!" Getting Lost in the Serial Podcast

Over the Thanksgiving Weekend, like a lot of people we know, my wife and I binge-listened to Serial. Serial is a podcast by the producers of… 2,921 more words