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Pi Lite with Node-RED

This was trivially easy, but it’s a nice example of how simple integration is now becoming due to the strength of various open source communities. 249 more words

Raspberry Pi

AR.Drone Serial port board madre

Así es AR.Drone tiene un puerto serial en la board madre:

Estas es la distribución de de pines, aunque hay unos que son una incógnita, pero igual los pines que necesitamos es Rx y TX, primero necesitamos un conector del mismo tamaño ya que este es mas pequeño que los comerciales. 77 more words

java : serial communication

a few weeks ago, I build a GUI to communicate with a device. to communicate with PC , a device must have an interface. the interface can be a serial port, parallel port or USB port. 331 more words


koneksi serialport dengan VB6.0

koneksi serial port dengan visualbasic 6.0

#yang perlu diperhatikan :

saat membuat GUI, wajib menambahkan tool MSComm yang bisa di add pada tab Project >> Component >> Microsoft Comm Control 6. 65 more words


Getting an Arduino to communicate with a web app

A small introduction

One of our requirements is to be able to read and write data to the Arduino via USB. After thinking hard about how we should do this, we decided that a web app would be the best solution so that anybody with an up to date web browser can connect and communicate with the device. 396 more words


Fast Serial Communication For C# Real-Time Applications

While I’m working in AeroXtreme MAV Researching Project, i faced a serious problem in the serial communication in .NET C#. The standard C# serial component is too slow to handle fast serial communication for real-time applications. 569 more words


Serial Port Programming Part 2 – Developing a GUI to set the Port Settings and validating the data

As promised the next instalment is on how to build the GUI elements needed to manage the settings for your serial port. The updated code for this entry is… 1,154 more words