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If Tech Companies Were In Charge of Holidays...

…the press releases might read something like these.

Halloween 2 (Apple)

It’s the same holiday that you know and love, but we’ve made it even easier to celebrate.  605 more words

Series And Serials

the scribblings of a maniac - pt 1

The world seems to have lost, if not everything, then at least something. When I read of the chaos of this planet’s chief inhabitants, and when I walk out into the cities and towns surrounding me, I see nothing but hopelessness. 524 more words

Series And Serials

Music Time!

These are some of my favorite soft songs. No descriptions for these, just music.

05. Wedding / Funeral (Anchor and Braille)

04. Your Song

03. The Unwinding Cable Car (Anberlin) 44 more words

Series And Serials

Hey, Folk(s) (MAXKMaS)

It’s time for another music post! I’m focusing on some of my favorite folk-type music. Feel free to link to your own favorites in the comments! 251 more words

Series And Serials

Blogging to the Tunes (MAXKMaS)

I’m sure that a question has often haunted your minds–in the deepest hours of thought and most profound moments of inspiration, a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. 290 more words

Series And Serials

Tales from Faerie -- Part III

Continued from Part II…  or Start from the beginning…
I awoke what seemed like seconds later. Nothing had changed, except for my little companions. The children were spread out in the field around me. 945 more words

Series And Serials