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Here Are The Dates For 40 Season And Series Finales Between Now And May 23

We’re about to run into that desultory period of the year that I like to call Halt and Catch Fire season because, between the time the network shows end their runs and Mad Men goes off the air, there’s so little on television until True Detective shows up on June 21 that some of us feel compelled to watch Halt and Catch Fire (and though I loathed the first season, I know I’m going to get pulled back in). 285 more words


The End of Life As We Know It

Tonight is a sad night for everyone. Even for people who don’t know it. Well actually, the people who don’t know it, have been living a little bit sadder of a life than those of us who know what we are about to lose tonight. 1,048 more words

TV Finales...Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Written By:
Billy Ferris

A wise man once said breaking up is hard to do. He was crooning about relationships, but I like to think he was really thinking about TV shows. 1,489 more words

TV Review

Was Your Favorite TV Show Canceled?

The lists are out. We know there are some series finales, but others just hit the chopping block.



A to Z… 92 more words


Remember When 30 Rock Nailed Its Final Season?

I complained recently about one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation, going off the rails in its final season by taking its natural positivity and detonating it into continual happy endings so excessive they seemed like the promises you read in chain emails. 1,527 more words


Did The 'Parks And Recreation' Writers Know That Chris Pratt Would Become One Of The Biggest Stars In The World?

Chris Pratt’s story is so remarkable that it’s worth telling over and over, if not as a source of inspiration for everyone, then at least so we can talk about how it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. 1,407 more words


Top Ten Thursday: TV Series Finales

There are so many shows out there, yet so little time to watch all of them. We may choose to watch only popular or critically acclaimed ones, but the truth is regardless of whether a show has had a good or bad course, the last episode can always go the other way. 816 more words

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