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Mother Hustle

I looked at her dreaded face with a face full of pity. My head wouldn’t stop shaking while my brain was being paraded by casual strings of thoughts. 488 more words

One Micaiah

One night of seduction 'final episode'

Have day dreamt about this day since i met him, i wished i could just cease this moment and live in it forever. Just having random thoughts as i watch him sleep like a baby peaceful without any worries before i finally slept off. 586 more words

Series Stories

The unknown Royal blood 4

Queen Victoria began her secret visiting to the hospital to know more about how her baby would be safe even if anything happens to her. While she was carrying on this her secret plan, the king on his arrival from his royal quest went straight to queen Lilian’s place as suggested by some his cabinet members. 773 more words

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One night of seduction 6

A complete gentleman to a fault… Why did he stop the kiss? Why is he always leading me on and stopping half way? But isn’t this what have always wanted? 1,224 more words

Series Stories

One night of seduction 5

Its Monday morning, back to the real world and in this real world, i have a company name to protect, feelings to protect and strength to pull it together without any form of intimidation. 979 more words

Series Stories

The unknown royal blood 3

Few weeks after, the silent wedding took place between the king and his new young bride, everything in the palace was going well. Queen Victoria still remains the apple of the king’s eye despite all shades of prettiness in the new queen. 1,099 more words

Series Stories

Spectrum-The Question of Existence (II)

Hello again! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the first episode of this speculative series, Spectrum. If you haven’t I’d advise that you read it first  1,702 more words