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That Which Isn't Seen, pt. 2

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“Imperial will do just fine,” Martin said, then to James, “this is a bit of an information dump that we use for debugging, so bear with him.” 903 more words

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That Which Isn't Seen, pt. 1

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“No, no, no. He doesn’t see. Not as such. It’s much more interesting than that.” Dr. Martin Keegan spoke rapidly. Not every word escaped his mouth intact. 998 more words

Series Stories

End of the World, pt. 2

Carl’s adventure had begun much further north. As far north as America got, in fact, which was sort of the point. His jet had just touched down in Barrows, Alaska. 330 more words

Series Stories

End of the World, pt. 1

There’s a little-known phenomenon referred to as the Dunning-Kruger Effect. It’s described as a cognitive bias; one in which a person of less-than-stellar mental faculty suffers from an “illusory superiority”, deriving from the “the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude”. 413 more words

Series Stories

Miracle Episode 17

‘Alright everyone, listen up!’ Mr.Tanner, our teacher said. ‘We’re about to go for sight seeing. But before that, you need to listen to some few rules.’ 877 more words

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The Alpha Players: First Date

WARNING: This story is PURELY fictional. Some scenes may be inspired by daily events of my life, but yea don’t ask me if the exact same thing happened to me please. 636 more words


Miracle Episode 16

‘Dino.’ I heard a whisper. I didn’t realise that I fell asleep. Zuri pointed outside the window.

‘Look.’ She said.

She was smiling and her hair was flying against the wind slapping my face! 834 more words

Funny Romance