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The unknown Royal blood 1

A peaceful popular village, where everything was so perfect. No killings, no rituals, no sacrifice and any form of traditional rites that other villages indulged in, all because they have a king who doesn’t believe in them. 544 more words

Series Stories

The Balancing Act - I

Declaration of Seizure of World Power by the Radical Feminist Party

January 30, 2133

We, the Radical Feminist Party, a coalition of women formed for the greater benefit of mankind, have determined that the men of our world governments have proved themselves unfit to administer to the masses successfully, which is evident in the following events: the bombing of the Middle East, taking place from 2046- 2068 by orders of the once honorable United Nations, resulting in the Second Great Depression as well as the unapologetic slaughter of thousands of human beings, the barring of women from the militaries of the United States and of Great Britain, the outlawing of abortions, as well as the overlooking of unfair treatment of females and minorities. 1,217 more words

Series Stories