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Miracle episode 4

*The first day of examinations*

Hmmmm … it’s an easy paper. I’m gonna do pretty well. Let’s do this Zane!

*After the first hour*

So far so good. 216 more words

Funny Romance

Miracle (Eps 3)


Mr.Orson is her father?! I thought he wasn’t married?!

‘Bye Zane!’ Yup. She’s going with her “Dad”. Leaving me so speechless.

‘Bye..’ It’s still unbelievable. 272 more words


Miracle Eps 2



‘Zuri. Please have a seat.’

I thought she was a kid! How can it be possible. She’s way too small to be in the same class! 406 more words


MIRACLE Eps 1 (continuation)

Well… School’s almost over. I can get home and study. But first, I’ll go to the grocery store.

*Bell rings*

Huh? It’s that girl from before, the one with Mr.Orson. 247 more words


Miracle (Eps: 1)

  • Somebody tell me why is the class so noisy! I can’t even solve this Math sum straight. And those girls need to stop staring or else I might start blushing and if that happens, I’ll never be that “Hottie” they talk about again!!
  • 236 more words

Evening body care


I’ll also be doing a body care and cosmetic discussions every Thursday.

And for today’s discussion it is the Olive nourishing body butter from The Body Shop. 13 more words


First blog post!!!

Hi everyone I’m acme98 and I joined WordPress to share my really crazy stories and ideas with you guys. The first story which I’m gonna share with you guys is called Miracle. 45 more words

Funny Romance