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Houseki no Kuni Ep. 11: 108 feelings

With Phos and Alexandrite’s help, Bort eventually cuts the Lunarian beast into 108 parts. 1,451 more words


A bit more of Reconstructing Charlie

It’s New Years Eve and Charlie has a date with the big man on Campus, Tom Donnelly. On the way to the party, Charlie tells him that she intends to remain a virgin until the right guy comes along. 87 more words

"Top 10 best tv shows that will make you forget about how boring you are"

Lately I’ve found myself constantly googling “best tv shows to watch ” or some other very generic sentence.

I looked at so many websites just to find nothing I had enough will power to actually watch. 197 more words


Black Mirror Review

So I know that Black Mirror has been out a few years now, but we also know that series 4 is almost among us and to say so myself and for a lot of others, I sure as hell cannot wait! 413 more words


Blurb 2

“Summer vacation wasn’t a time for pool parties and having fun with friends; not to Miranda at least. The hottest part of the year was for reading books and keeping up with her studies to continue being the brightest kid in school. 67 more words


S02E03 -Whatever it Takes - Generation X-Men Podcast


Whatever it takes for Brooksey to sit through this episode. He wasn’t have a ton of fun watching Mjnari being chased by The Shadow King bu for me it was a nostalgia episode I used to watch a fair bit. 73 more words


Shortys Christmas Vault - December 16th!

SHORTYS CHRISTMAS VAULT… is my own take on a Christmas calendar. I have not been able to find a beauty related advent calendar this year that I have felt that I really want to buy so I decided that since I already had this Liquid Suede Cream Vault by NYX and I had plans to review all of these lipsticks I should just make a series out of it.

478 more words