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mid-life crisis; a new beginning

I have to start this off with total honesty, by admitting up front that I am having the best mid-life crisis ever, so try to keep up. 229 more words


Save the last bullet for... Lemons

When life hands you lemons screw the lemonade and squirt them in people eyes!

So this post is a little, and I stress a little bit more positive! 426 more words

Save The Last Bullet For.....

I Didn't Really Mean "Amen."

What does ‘Amen” mean?

I grew up like pretty much every other American Christian. I’ve heard “amen” after every utterance of pre-dinner grace. I’ve finished every prayer I’ve said with “amen.” I’ve used “Amen” as a form of fervent agreement when someone mentioned how thankful they had been for the post-college group ice cream. 671 more words



When most people think of their childhood, they think of fun summer nights, ice cream, fun adventures, and lessons they learned. Not me. I think of abuse, hatred, confusion, and wishing I couldn’t remember any of it. 105 more words



Image by Christine Renney at Bradford Literature Festival

FIRST BRADFORD LITERATURE FESTIVAL – Mark saw this was on and, although we only had couple of days, we went to Bradford and spent an hour or so in the company of four fine poets – left to right: John Siddique, Lemn Sissay, Jo Bell and Brian Patten. 11 more words