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Rainy Days

Some days I enjoy rainy days, but more often than not they make me sad, sometimes even depressed.

It has been raining off and on almost all week here, and I have done pretty well with not letting it get to me. 157 more words


Media Is Not Ignoring Media Coverage! 3 Simple Reasons You Are Wrong

We see it all the time. Some article about a story and how it is not getting coverage.  The media always ignores the stories that really matter.   457 more words

Being A "Serious Artist" - A Ramble

Even though this is an article about being an artist, and about some of the paradoxes surrounding being (or not being) a “serious” artist, I’m going to have to start by talking about myself for quite a while. 765 more words


before so serious

those on the last

and for the clash

and its own pearl

and what it was the meaning

and earned on the lavish

and for the words… 44 more words


I'm Done With Monthly Wrap-Ups and TBRs (and my OCD sucks)

This isn’t as much of a discussion as it is a decision, but I still thought I’d post this under ‘discussion’ because this is a topic we can all talk about, and we all might have various views on. 1,334 more words



The other day I was on my way to work. The traffic was jammed. It was drizzling. During peak hours in monsoon, one can easily get stuck in traffic for hours. 487 more words

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The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

What can I say about this book? I read along with the book while also listening on audio. I had read in a review that the beginning was the weakest part, and then it got better and better. 253 more words