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One of the common mistakes I feel most young people make is being overly serious all the time...

Honestly, I have seen some major bullshit in my life and I found that if you want to be happy, you need to make yourself happy. 107 more words


How Civilization V Helped Me Stop Worrying And Love Imperialism

I think enough time has passed that we can all agree that the British Empire did some pretty shameful stuff in its time. Like the Sykes- Picot Agreement, a secret treaty between Britain and France that carved out a huge swathe of the Arab world for the two colonial powers. 1,511 more words


The Grove

Stay with me. Plant our soles anywhere, anywhere,
As you are the one who is raising me, keeping me.
Stay with me through dark fiendish foliage blocked roads… 350 more words


The Cricket Song

We walked along rims of long and dissipating fields,
Wide bleary eyes straining for something to emerge,
Something else to loom from the dim groggy mist… 432 more words


Wind Fences

Days moved on in muggy swathes,
Cool grey they draped the morning’s shoulders
And hung in reminiscent skeins;
Their sharp cold damp felt on your face… 478 more words



In the mornings she woke us, determined and bright
With a purpose, a meaning, conviction, her life
Shone from behind her: a dim winding path that diminished like… 223 more words