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Vreugde (and More Gioia!)

Yeah, I had to look them up too. The first word is Dutch and the second word is Italian. But they mean the same thing. In Spanish the word is alegría and in Swedish it’s glädje. 742 more words


Fun Along the Way

                                                During our journey, we can become very serious, 

                                          it is important to remember to have fun along the way.

Monthly Post 2016

40Nova: Humans of Respect

Magneta – Humans of This World Host

Respect in this world is disappearing.

What will anyone do to protect it?

Is it even worth protecting these days? 474 more words


Transformer Thief In Borno Apprehended After Surviving Serious Electrocution

A young man who attempted to vandalize a community transformer in Borno has been electrocuted on the spot.

We’re told that the thief was caught in the early hours of today, inside the transformer of the State School of Nursing, Maiduguri, Borno State. 24 more words


How to Apologize

I said some inflammable stuff which made people hurt and worried.

I apologized.

Here’s how you can be very sorry and sincere. 255 more words


Lives Yet Lived

You ever asked yourself what the meaning of life is? It’s pretty simple. We haven’t the evidence to make grandiose assumptions about deities or destiny ruling us. 1,004 more words