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घने कोहरे में भिड़े कई वाहन

बिसौली, वजीरगंज, दहगवां /बदायूं, (खान, गुप्ता, सोनी): जिले की सीमा पर स्थित फैजगंज बंहटा थाना क्षेत्र में ओरछी बरेई मार्ग पर कोहर के बीच बजरी से भरे दस टायरा ट्रक ने एक बाइक को रौंद दिया जिसके परिणाम स्वरूप बाइक सवार युवक की मौत हो गई। घटना की सूचना मिलने के बाद मौके पर पहुंची […]

Spiritual Revolution

With the state of humankind as it is we can do a number of things.

We can make more war, despair, be divisive for what ever reason we care for, or perhaps do something totally different. 178 more words


This is why I don't worry about warming up my car when it's cold

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

There’s a “you’re doing it wrong” meme that’s showing some strong staying power these days: you don’t need to warm up your car when it’s cold — in fact, if you do, you could harm your engine. 320 more words

Money Matters

Plutocracy Resolution

Things being what they are, I think the time has come for someone to bring forward the following resolution, or something like it, on the floors of the House and Senate: 232 more words


A Letter To No One

Dear Friend,

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. I hope this letter finds you well.

I have been suffering from gout arthritis for the past few weeks because of a high level of uric acid in my blood due to excessive drinking of beer. 537 more words