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Interview with someone suffering with Depression

This is an interview with someone who suffers from diagnosed depression. I hope it will be useful for any of you wishing to learn about depression or how to deal with it yourselves. 715 more words


And I've been waiting such a long time.

First off, Happy Independence Day to all the eyes that come across these first words of mine that are being thrown onto the chopping block that is an online blog. 430 more words


A Deadly Adoption: A Spot-On 'Parody' of the Lifetime Genre

Where do I even begin to explain what A Deadly Adoption is? I suppose for one to really understand what it is, they would have had to have seen a Lifetime movie already. 581 more words


The Big Serious Guitar Book (Geoff Stockton)

This is it, the best lesson-book for guitar there is. Written by Kalamazoo guitarist and instructor Geoff Stockton, this book has lessons for beginners who are just getting on their feet, rockers who want to learn up on their theory, or long-time shredders that just want to learn how to read music. 20 more words



Today is my 18th birthday well I’m writing this slightly ahead of time as I know I won’t have time the write this on my birthday probably. 196 more words


It's getting serious ~ Začíná to být vážné

This seems to be my mum’s favourite sentence in relation to my Little Indian Trip. “It’s getting serious,” she said after the initial shock of me applying to Joint Study exchange in Mumbai wore off. 319 more words

Joint Study

something to say

So it dawned on me the other day how much of a serious person I am.

I, apparently, do not take life as lightly as other people do. 153 more words