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Now for my latest post!

So three months later and I FINALLY finish filing my taxes…now let me explain why it took so long to accomplish.
See what had happened was; I took a good hour the first time to go through and do everything, all excited cause I was being a responsible adult and getting my stuff done early thinking I was about to get some change back (wrong). 212 more words



Inclusive, una precandidata para la comisaría residente hace alarde de que no para de hacer viajes a la capital federal –desde ya- promoviendo su agenda en contra de los intereses de la Isla y que de ganar se dedicará a este oficio en cuerpo y alma con tal de ganarse el cielo. 10 more words



It’s possible the apparent reductions in violence in Central America are not true, Aguilar said. Cartels understand the backlash if too many murders take place in communities they control, so they’ve learned to dispose of bodies so they’re not counted in official records, she explained. 26 more words


South of the border

All countries south of the U.S. border face the same problem: cartels and gangs fighting to control smuggling of drugs and people to the United States and infiltrating government institutions to help them. 11 more words



In contrast to 2014, when prominent politicians, including Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, rushed to embrace the Bundys for their defiance of the government, this time is gratifyingly different. 59 more words


¿Boston, estado 51?

“Es caliente y muy bonito”, señaló el hombre, quien junto con su familia, tomó unas vacaciones en este periodo navideño para huirle al frío del estado de Boston. 14 more words


More guns, not roses

More Americans had their backgrounds checked purchasing guns on Black Friday than any day in the on record, according to data released by the FBI this week. 54 more words