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This is still here?!?

Well fuck me I thought I deleted this, not that many pay attention but it’s here and I’m still  kicking and (with great appreciation) I have a new follower.. 138 more words

Seriously Now

Spotlighting Chronicles

Last week I was fortunate to have an interview with my friend and new pod-cast host

Purple Chaos of Late Night Poets radio from all poetry on my book and workings of the Dribble I create. 141 more words

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Twisting in the Nothing

So when relevance to existence becomes query, or defeat in integrities bosom rails..maybe loss in objective reasoning for creating your art.. whats to become?

Repetitive conundrums all face but it’s whats on my scrambled mental sequence so that’s that. 390 more words

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Oh Shit Insight while Driving.

So I was driving my kids to the Shaved Ice place after a moderately satisfying Chinese buffet from the frozen section. ( I cook all the time I need a break) A perk of culinary school and being a chef, line cook, sus-chef, meat cutter etc..etc is even the cheapest stuff from the store or a can is a delicacy waiting to be created. 166 more words

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Funny how that happens eh?!?

**WARNING some Material  Adult and/or Experimentally Challenged – Don’t Attempt!!!**

So I started anger management classes the other day after a long day on field trips (incl. 463 more words

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What the Fuck am I doing?

So I started a blog with the intention of attempting a revolution of sorts and to instigate the herd to account and disperse  of the  Selfish I’s.. 145 more words

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Dribble on Beliefs

My last  post I addressed accountability and will continue the series soon. This in part is really an address of that yet personal opinion overall. In having a discussion with my wife and oldest son(9) about religion I feel compelled to share part of that conversation and just voice my views on the subject.This conversation has become a monthly address at minimum in my house since my wife saw the light from an extraordinarily defining LSD moment. 1,032 more words

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