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Oh, Gawd...Winter Weather + Me?

Holy balls, y’all…

My little Eastern North Carolina county is under a winter storm warning. I was totally down with this because my boss (who grew up in Minnesota and knows how to deal) was going to pick me up and make sure his right hand would be at work at 0700 in the morning. 390 more words

Seriously? WTF

Just Call Me Dennis The Menace

A few weeks ago, I fell down the flight of stairs leading from my parents’ house into the garage.  It wasn’t that I tripped or anything – I just missed an entire step and sort of sailed off into the air and landed on my stomach on the concrete floor.   227 more words


Like You Ain't Even Gone

Oh, hey guys. Did something happen recently?
Like a big thing? Could it be that my company went under & we all found out on the Internet? 878 more words

Seriously WTF?

Karena cornering pake motor itu sudah terlalu mainstream... Jadi pake bis saja..

Hola folks

Terkadang hidup ini terasa kurang greget. Hidup biasa kok takut dibilang mainstream, kalo mau nyoba gak mainstream kok malah takut ditanya tiga perkara sama malaikat kubur, susah ya.. 198 more words


Buku pelajaran SD mengajarkan homoseksual, piye iki jal

Hola folks

Ngubek2 facebook.. Ngeliat2 postingan temen.. Ndilalah nemu gambar kacau kayak gini..

Check this out! 63 more words


Gagal Overclock, Processor Intel Core2Quad ini berakhir jadi gantungan kunci.

Hola folks

Sebuah pembelajaran bagi kita, bahwa segala hal itu ada resikonya. Salah satunya adalah overclocking. Sekeping Intel Core2Quad seharga sejutaan hangus karena gagal di overclock, dan akhirnya berakhir menjadi gantungan kunci.. 9 more words


Ways To Tell If You're Getting Old

This terrible event happened earlier this year, but people seem to think it’s hilarious, so I decided I’d write about it.  You’ve got to laugh at yourself, after all.   357 more words