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A Little Handbook for Preachers: Ten Practical Ways to a Better Sermon by Sunday

Preaching books are a dime a dozen. Its really hard to find a preaching book that either says something unique or says something important in a unique way. 699 more words


The Pastor's Struggle: 4 tough yet important responsibilities

Every career choice will have its benefits, and its hardships. And though some careers are more stressful than others, every person will face stress at their jobs. 757 more words


Reign of Christ Sunday

Submission to Modern Metanoia for Reign of Christ Sunday: Luke 23:33-43

Last weekend, I sat with a 12 year old boy that desperately wanted to die. 875 more words

I Am

What I preached the Sunday before the election

How are you feeling just days before the election?  When I asked people this question, I received a variety of answers – uncertain, disgusted, uneasy.  When I asked if anyone felt fear, most hands raised up.  1,144 more words


10 Ways To Develop Your Style Of Preaching from H. B. Charles Jr.

  1. Preach. Put simply, “you learn to preach by preaching” (111) so preach.
  2. Study Preaching. A preacher should become a student of preaching, which means read books on preaching, perhaps take a class on preaching and listen to good preachers and ask the question, “what makes them good?”
  3. 217 more words

A Commentary on Psalm 139

Here’s some commentary I recently drafted on the 139th Psalm. I’m sharing this, both to help me process through it, and in the hopes that it might be beneficial to someone down the line. 2,326 more words

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