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We heard several great preachers yesterday at the Festival of Homiletics. I mean really great preachers who preached the Gospel without fear.  I want to highlight a speaker and an experience. 391 more words


How to Build a Bridge Between the Text and Context

As I teach younger men and women how to relay biblical messages one of the key things we focus on is building a bridge between the text and context. 734 more words


Grace in the Wilderness

The people of God, sucombing to the harshness of the wilderness begin to complain:

The whole congregation of the Israelites complained against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness.

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Preaching Gospels

Preaching the Gospel can be quite unpopular.  There are lots of people who preach very popular gospels – sometimes even from pulpits.  Most of the time though preaching doesn’t happen in the pulpit.  753 more words


Delivering Tough Sermons: Help for Stressing Preachers

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If you say certain things from the pulpit, it’s pretty much guaranteed that people are going to get huffy. When people get huffy, they get hostile, and sometimes that hostility is expressed in rather aggressive forms which you then become the unhappy target of. 2,228 more words

Sermon Prep

Decadence and Downfall

We’ve been spending a good deal of time in the OT book of Daniel over recent months for our Sunday morning sermons, as we’ve considered how we’re to remain faithful to Jesus whilst living in a culture that is unsympathetic and at times outright hostile to the gospel. 118 more words

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Church Family

Sometimes we don’t feel like a family with people at church. It’s easy to leave each other out of our lives. It’s easy to feel left out. 384 more words

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