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Adaptive immune response to whole cell pertussis vaccine reflects vaccine quality: A possible complementation to the Pertussis Serological Potency test.

Whole cell Bordetella pertussis (wP) vaccines are still used in many countries to protect against the respiratory disease pertussis. The potency of whole-cell pertussis vaccine lots is determined by an intracerebral challenge test (the Kendrick test). 305 more words


Pertussis Seasonality Evident in Polymerase Chain Reaction and Serological Testing Data, Queensland, Australia.

We investigated the seasonality of pertussis in Queensland, Australia, between 2008 and 2011 using notification and laboratory data. Polymerase chain reaction and serology testing data demonstrate that in the vaccine era, pertussis remains a seasonal illness, with annual peaks in summer months, and that the seasonality of notification data is masked by testing trends. 25 more words


World Serology Bank: Key to a Better Understanding of Infectious Disease Dynamics?

An article published in The Lancet today has highlighted the possibility of establishing a World Serology Bank to better understand the dynamics of infectious disease dynamics, especially in an era where vaccinations against infectious diseases is becoming more and more prevalent. 650 more words

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

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Diagnostic test limitations

In my day job, especially on Fridays, I get asked about the reliability and accuracy of diagnostic tests. Part of my work involves serology or immunoassay, the interpretation of results and giving advice to referring medical practitioners on how to interpret the results they have in front of them. 1,356 more words