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Egyptian Snakes

A few weeks ago our church had an Egyptian marketplace as part of our VBS program.  One of my friends took the opportunity to set up an animal stall there, which led to me photographing two costumed friends holding a snake.   48 more words


Planet Venus, the Serpent Snake

Venus Queen of Heaven

The space surrounding the Sun (the corona and beyond) is a plasma.  The planet including its moons carry an electrical charge as they travel through this plasma.   141 more words

A Serpente de Estrangular Morte

Within the Hacyin Tribe there is a story of the first man who encountered what became to be known to the people as de estrangular morte, or the strangling death. 1,029 more words


We Aren't Supposed To Be Fair

In light of the Dallas Shooting, the Orlando Shooting, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and all the controversy that swarms social media, there has been a lot of hatred shared. 551 more words

Do You Believe In Eternity?

A student of religious, gnostic, and initiatory studies asked me this question: Do you believe in eternity?

I believe in an eternal shedding of the skin. 710 more words

Adam and Eve

Hi all! Welcome back…today’s lesson is from Genesis 2 and 3. Last year’s lesson and craft can be found HERE.

Yesterday we learned about God creating everything and on His last day of work, He created man. 735 more words