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This Is How The Earth Became Populated With Giants-Fall of the Angels and Other Exerpts

Two hundred angels descended to the summit of Mount Hermon, which owes its name to this very occurrence because they bound themselves there to fulfil their purpose, on the penalty of Herem, anathema. 1,411 more words


Fall of Man

The account of the fall of Man in the bible is pretty straight forward. The serpent was tagged MOST CRAFTY of all the beast on the field. 345 more words


The Woman in the Wilderness

The depths of the forest, how deep the dark, made her almost wish in that she had never known of the light. For now, her heart not only beat out of her chest, but ached  – in that broken unfix-able way of the damned. 211 more words


It was one of those Saturdays—you know the kind. You don’t wake up quite on time and from that point on everything is sort of disjointed and out of phase. 198 more words

The Esoteric Meaning of The Serpent

The serpent, sometimes depicted as a dragon, is perhaps the most confusing of esoteric symbols.

It essentially means wisdom, but because of the complex nature of the human psyche and body chemistry, the snake has multiple meanings that allude to the same principles. 2,947 more words

Alchemical Symbolism

Asmcodes: Serpent-256


Serpent is a symmetric block cipher designed by Eli Biham, Ross Anderson and Lars Knudsen published in 1998. It was runner up to… 1,882 more words