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Bathroom horror as python grabs man's member while he sits on the loo

One can’t begin to imagine the horror of being in the position of the man who sat on the loo and felt something sharp latch on to his member: 72 more words


The Judas and The Serpent

He was a devil in disguise,
He brought me to paradise,
I was blinded by his stare,
He put me to flare.

With so much desire, 96 more words

Prose And Poetry

The Wild Witch Of Eden

“She is a naked horror without warning, a revelation against all belief and knowing, a sudden truth of no one’s telling. No one ever warned of woman come like a spider. 25 more words

Biblical Serpents in American Literature

The Bible tells the first installment of the story of the human race, and from the very beginning, humans have had to deal with temptation. In the Bible, a snake personifies the Devil, who in turn personifies temptation, and Adam and Eve fall prey to the snake’s empty promises, resulting in their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. 253 more words

Honors English III

Did Adam's Garden Have a Talking Snake?

(3 Minute Read)

Genesis reports that a snake talked to Eve in the Garden of Eden and enticed her to eat the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 1,399 more words


When you have been poisoned.

There is a slightly obscure story from the Old Testament when the Hebrew people were roaming around in the wilderness which holds remarkable implications for us today.   1,159 more words

New Testament