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Can Paris turn a nun into looking secular? Peut Paris transformer cette nonne ici en regardant laïque? (パリは有髪の尼さんを変えられるか?)

Here is my normal look.

I’ve been told I look like a nun.  Great!  They are most revered people of the society worldwide.  I never thought twice about my coordination, or rather a lack of it.  780 more words

Graphic Novel And Comic

Why to be only Vegetarian?

Nityananda ! Gauranga ! Hare Krishna.

All glories to Srila Gurudeva ! All glories to Guru Parampara.

It’s a law of nature that one has to survive by eating other living beings on this earth. 727 more words

The Enemy is Under Our Feet

Originally posted August 15, 2012

I woke up around 3:00 a.m. this morning with the following “picture” in my mind:

I saw a huge serpent with a corkscrew-shaped body and with its head penned to the ground by a (man’s) foot. 329 more words


The Dark Rider

A dark rider flies alone
For grim he is in blood and bone
With a raven on his wing
Through a flute does he sing… 116 more words



She asked, “What does that card say? I can’t read it.”


She waved it off, and then, ignoring the facilitator’s instructions, launched into a description of how… 608 more words