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Snake Season

It is snake season here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Snake Season. What  feelings do those words bring up in you? What images are conjured in your imagination?   570 more words


Relationships through the tree

Part Four of Four: The Fruit

I love Shari’s apple pie. They make the best pies, bar none. I go there on as many Wednesdays as I can because it is free pie night with the purchase of any entree. 666 more words

Beloved's Journey, Chapter 7: In Mother's Garden

I know this place. I sat upon that rock as a child and ruled as Fairy Empress of the Violets. Memories of hours spent in another world rush over me and I try to hold onto them, hoping to push past them into other moments, but to no avail. 430 more words


Winged Serpent

my screech: a seduction
i coat tongues with my venom
pores invite my talons and fangs

my wings create breaks                          in                       sound                     waves  
                 make your head tilt back… 64 more words


Tamesa Serpent in Thames Magical Rituals

I began doing `Thames Rituals’ back in 2006, after `discovering’ that one can get down to the shores of the river on low tides. These rituals took place at the 8 seasonal times of the Pagan calendar, some full moons, and definitely at days of Solar or Lunar Eclipses. 291 more words

Good Gifts

Luke 11:5-13

5] And Jesus said to them, Which of you shall have a friend, and shall go to him at midnight, and say unto him, Friend, lend me three loaves; 287 more words