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a sharp tongue

a sharp tongue,

without an outstretched hand

are you not the serpent

Master of the land

Author’s note: coping really badly with life. just wishing to end it all sometimes. 27 more words


666 Earthquakes: Italy, Myanmar, and Indonesia

A few days ago there was a series of three 6+ magnitude earthquakes across the globe within 24 hours of each other.

The first was on August 23 in the Flores Sea near Indonesia. 486 more words

The Moment

James Ward. 1831. Oil on wood.


Jormungand the Midgard Serpent

My interpretation of the character Jormungand from Norse mythology, done as a watercolour painting. In the myths he is a serpent whose body wraps all the way around the Earth. 75 more words


Hell's Triumvirate (Title Pending): PROLOGUE

The night’s tears peppered the cracked earth below, Her sobs bellowing deafeningly though the heavens. Darkness’s terror enveloped an unsuspecting creature beneath Her grace. As Her shadowy jaws clamped down upon the air, the creature howled a terrible howl. 217 more words


Far far away - microfiction#10 for Jane Dougherty.

In the city there is a fountain. Under the fountain there is a serpent.

If you can tell a good enough story the serpent will grant you a wish. 268 more words