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Kat Tai-Dai Mau demonstrates the feline tai chi movement battling the water-serpent.

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T. Allen Culpepper

Shamar - "To guard"

Lately I have been reading the Genesis accounts and looking in my Hebrew commentaries for clarification on some of the things I heard a professor of mine say about the garden, Adam’s role in protecting it, and the consequences of his actions for all of us. 1,904 more words

Serpent September! The Month of Scales.

Yes for this month, the great snakes and serpents will be wrapping their coils around you readers. Although their maybe one or two ghostly tales posted up here, the main focus will be entirely reptilian. 41 more words


A snake in the belly: An episode in the life of Symeon the Stylite (Armenian synaxarion)

I have often turned here to Bayan’s ed. of the Armenian synaxarion in PO (see here for the appropriate volumes for each month). Thanks to archive.org, these volumes are all easily accessible, and thus it makes for a convenient reading-text. 534 more words


The Crafty Serpent

We know that God speaks to us through dreams, visions, scripture, other people, through thoughts, and through much more. but we also know that the enemy creeps into our heads and makes us question, did God really say that to me? 463 more words


Snake Eyes

The venom seethes
Through your veins,
Thickens your blood,
Burrows deep,
Under your skin-

Tightens and splits,
Pulsating; new life
From old flesh,
Shining bright, glazed, … 10 more words


Pulling Back the Curtains

Morning Thought: Your senses are like doors and windows to your soul. Keep open to God’s light, but closed to the serpent’s darkness. Look to the Lord and you will be radiant – your whole body will be full of light. 55 more words

Morning Thought