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Great King, Bad King

Characteristics and qualities of great leadership should not be debatable. It should be as obvious as day vs. night. Believe it or not, the Bible plays a prominent role in the ideal profile of great business and civic leadership. 876 more words


You Can Learn From Your Dog

Another insightful look at leadership from my guest blogger, EJ Widun!

It is often said that a dog is man’s best friend. I believe it is true. 282 more words


Servant Leadership

I’ve been having this ongoing conversation with a college of mine where we discussed the topic of servant leadership. After sleeping on it, he arrived to the office the next day and asked me the following: Isn’t servant leadership …leadership? 482 more words


Strength Is For Service

Do you have any friends who are body builders? I do. They work hard at bringing their body under discipline, they exercise, lift weights and eat right too. 374 more words

Acts 27:26-44 Reading Through the NT 2015

Read the rest of Acts, chapter 27, verses 26-44 today.

Paul finished telling his shipmates what the angel of the Lord had said to him, and reassured them that they would all survive the storm, but would run aground on an island somewhere. 825 more words


Fostering a sense of belonging is critical for any organization. As servant-leaders, we set the tone; if we work to include both newcomers and seasoned veterans through the telling of stories and creating a shared vision for the future, than our organizations are on the path to success. 561 more words

Leadership Connectivity - Vision and Execution

Do you know leaders who cast a vision that resonates with the organization but the results somehow don’t follow? How about a leader who can help drive execution of strategy when things are going well but the first bump in the road and the wheels start wobbling? 917 more words