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Tuning Out Enemies

“…they thought to do me harm” —Nehemiah

Nehemiah had enemies on almost every side as he attempted to complete his work (the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem). 252 more words

The Importance of Loyalty

Loyalty is oftentimes a key ingredient to many organizations’ mission statements. Frequently people attribute their success to their team’s immense loyalty to one another. So, there is a need to talk about loyalty regarding how it impacts leadership. 457 more words


Welcome to BI 503 New Testament Survey

Give me one New Testament text that shapes how you think about God. Please share and post your thoughts.


Helping Students Develop Their Values... and Your School Ethos

Being proactive and asking students to record their own values is a useful exercise in developing a philosophical understanding of what motivates and impassions people. building an ethos based on positive values is what characterises a great school. 17 more words

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

People Don't Care What You Know ...

Every once in a while, we are reminded people matter and relationships should be prioritized over tasks.  That we even need to be reminded of this is an unfortunate truth, but a truth nonetheless.   526 more words

Watch Out for the Weeds

In first grade my teacher gave my class a science project. Each student planted a sunflower seed in soil in a Dixie cup. It was our task to water our seed every day until it sprouted. 628 more words