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Are Your Leading People Into A Closet?

A young pastor was conducting the funeral of a war veteran. The dead man’s military friends, wanting a part in the service, asked him to escort them to the casket, stand with them for a moment of remembrance, then lead them out through the side door. 814 more words

Servant Leadership


Part of being humble is to understand you will make mistakes. To understand this is to know everyone else makes mistakes, and you will have a better chance to avoid many life hard lessons. 118 more words


Becoming A Servant Leader

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What is a servant leader? Why are servant leaders so very needed at such a time as this? 154 more words


Social Media for Servant Leaders

Authenticity as a servant leader means reflecting your genuine concern for others in the completeness of how you live every day. Being an authentic servant leader is not something you do, it is who you are. 875 more words


Don't Touch The Feet


It means constant adapting, and thinking on your feet. I say this and we have not yet reached the stage of asking ‘Mum, why?’ Yo! 280 more words


Don't Forget About the Devil

Did the title of this blog post grab your attention? I hope so, because it’s an important principle for Christian leaders that can easily be overlooked. 628 more words


Police as Servant Leaders

Robert Greenleaf was a major influence on my leadership style. He was partly responsible for the creation of my Twelve Principles of Quality Leadership… 567 more words