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Servant Leadership and Forgiveness

Announcement: I apologize for missing chapter eleven of the book that we were using as a guide in our last series. I went back and blogged about it. 731 more words

Servant Leadership

Day 14: Kathy Qualls

(Note: Kathy Qualls lives in my small hometown of Monette, Arkansas. She’s a wife, a mom, an encourager, a volunteer servant – the kind of person every community needs.) 367 more words

Note A Day

A Story: How Companies standing in their own way towards a digital transformation

Throughout my IT career, I cannot count the numerous times, we have come up with the “perfect” technical solution. Allowing companies to digitally transform themselves, propelling them forward into a sustainable future. 1,211 more words

How to be an AWESOME leader that people want to follow

  1. Lead by example
    • Actually do what you ask others to do.
    • “Leading is not the same as being the leader. Leading, however, means that others willingly follow you – not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because they want to.” -Simon Sinek…
  2. 289 more words

Ministry Lessons from A Wash Basin

Yesterday I had a brother write in with questions about offices, ordination, and titles because of my article about how we embraced shepherds as a house church network… 416 more words


Pray Tell, How Can I Do it Better?

I love it when there’s something in the Bible
about how to pray more effectively.

Nehemiah, recognized as one of the best leaders in the Bible, shows us how to pray more effectively. 1,159 more words

Christian Living

Epiphany of the Lord: Light Versus Darkness

I just returned from a two days and one night leadership camp and I was surprised because I saw Jesus being present. His presence hit me in the words that the speakers used such as servant leadership, the need to pause when making choices (discernment) and to always look out for one another (affirmation) in bringing out another person’s strengths. 605 more words