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The Eyes of a Servant

Do you ever talk to yourself while engaging in a task and find that your dog is watching you closely, seemingly following every word? We have a Border Collie and often when I’m spending time with the Lord at the end of the day – reading or praying – he will come into the bedroom and either sit on the floor or jump on the bed, and just stares at me. 830 more words


WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Knight of the Rainbow

The Flower must not blame the Bee —
That seeketh his felicity
Too often at her door —

But teach the Footman from Vevay —

1,187 more words
WOW ~ Word Of The Week

It is easier to know the things of the son

It is easier to know the things of the son then to know the things of the father, because the son imitates the father that the son knows, and to imitate is to simply recognize. 252 more words


No Skipping Steps 6 and 7.

So, back to the steps. We have dug into steps 1,2 and 3. I have spoken often of step 4, the inventory step or “stuff’s just got real” step. 406 more words


Yes, Sir...

I walked in and the base line was vibrating from the floor up to my hips.
I was intoxicated with your herb, and honestly, I would have swapped that high just to have you next to me. 897 more words

Yesterday, I lied...

(I wrote this a while ago, but… it’s still true. Except, I don’t see my ex anymore lol)

Yesterday I saw my ex. I didn’t lie about that. 211 more words

Lost, but not found...

I think there is a piece of me deep inside that I am scared to let go of.
This piece that has nothing to do with the lifestyle, or my sexuality. 286 more words