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“A Vision for Paul”

Acts 18:5-17

The Lord can speak to each of us.

Throughout time, God has been speaking to us. As we are reading through the Acts of the Apostles, we find many people to whom God spoke. 837 more words


A Proverb for the Day (29:21)

“He who pampers his servant from childhood will have him as a son in the end” (Proverbs 29:21 NKJV). Pampering doesn’t do anyone any favors. The word translated “son” in this proverb is not the regular Hebrew word for “son;” the meaning of the word is somewhat debatable, but it is generally thought to be negative. 105 more words

A Proverb For The Day

make me your servant

Today I turn the page on a new chapter in my career. As I get ready to begin a new job, I give thanks to God for answering my prayers, granting me favor, and for opening this door of opportunity. 212 more words

Only speak the word and let my servant be healed.

They have an efficacious power
written deep within the interstices of their syllables;
these words of Jesus.
We disciples should repeat them often,
even the difficult ones. 107 more words


Servant or Master?

10  You have tested us, O God;    you have purified us like silver.  — Psalm 66:10 NLT

Psalm 66:8-12 NLT

There are two things in life that we use on just about a daily basis and both of those things can be good or evil depending on our attitude toward them and our use of them.   228 more words

The Significance of "Mommy"

In honor of my son’s birthday, I thought it was appropriate to share this journal entry I wrote a year or two back.

The term “Mommy” is a term of endearment, a curse-word, and a guilt trip. 569 more words