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Holding My Savior's Hand

I like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed activist, a servant, and a woman who has dedicated her life to serving Jesus no matter what the cost and laying down my life for his kingdom. 955 more words

an easter mindset.

easter is always the holiday that sneaks up on me.  christmas i feel prepared for.  i mean i have an endless “to do” list of gifts, decorations, lights, & crafting that seems to take place all in one month.   672 more words


Walking Into Servanthood

Tuesday, March 31st

Walking Into Servanthood
John 13:1-17

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted”  Luke 18:14b… 682 more words

The Beginning of the Law (Exodus 20:22 - 21:11)

After the giving of the Ten Commandments (Decalogue), the Lord began to instruct Moses in how the nation should handle daily life in an ethical way.  342 more words

Biblical Reflections

A Lightbearer Is God's Servant

“But that as it may, we, as believers, are commanded to serve the Lord and to serve others. We’re not our own masters–Christ is our Master, and we’re His servants. 86 more words


Who Do You Work For?

How did you respond the last time you were asked, “Who do you work for”? Many people will respond with one of these two answers: the name of their organization or the name of their boss. 458 more words


The gift of a servant

It had been a long day, and everyone was looking forward to sitting down and lingering over a good meal with good company. The band of brothers and their Leader, Jesus. 488 more words