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Hospitality: How to Cut the Costs of Entertaining

When I first married, I thought I had to spend gobs of money on entertaining guests.  I have since learned that entertaining is only as expensive as I want it to be. 853 more words

Am I really helping?

Sometimes I read a devotional and think, “Wow, that is harsh!  That is cutting, brutal honesty. That is what needs to happen here, because, yeah, I’ve come to the end of my understanding with this person/situation/circumstance, and only the touch of the Holy One is going to be able to right what has gone wrong here.”  I had that thought today, as I read Oswald Chambers.  414 more words

Hospitality: Entertaining as Ministry

In today’s world,

there are so many challenges, pressures and delusions.

Hearts are often heavy all about us. 

I have found that entertaining is one… 391 more words

Making A Difference

The Leader's Heart: Strengthening Others

“Have you been thinking all along that we have been defending ourselves to you? We have been speaking in the sight of God as those in Christ; AND EVERYTHING WE DO, dear friends, IS FOR YOUR STRENGTHENING.” – 2 Corinthians 12:19… 267 more words


Giving Up: Superiority

Sunday’s Scripture ~ John 4:5-26.

One of our earliest lessons as children is learning opposites, and in learning opposites, we learn to identify differences.

The opposite of up is down. 556 more words

Parts that do their part - beautiful

Parts that do their part – beautiful

At the end of a movie do you linger and watch the credits? I usually don’t, but the few times that I have I was amazed at how many people it takes to make a movie. 607 more words


The heart of a True Servant

What does this look like?

A Servant is defined as ‘A person who performs duties for others and is a devoted and helpful follower or supporter.’ 1,003 more words

Growing In God