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today evening i am expecting my cousins around, they live about 4-5 hours away from us. they are nice, funny awesome people but the problem is that they are very rich and stylish. 358 more words

Twin Flames: Retreat IS serving the Union

I could see how our long separation had been both necessary and inevitable. I also saw that his past and current withdrawals had nothing to do with me but rather with the intensity of having to face himself.*

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Twin Flames

Snowflakes and Trash

A biting cold hung in the air. The occasional random snowflake flew by as we prepared to help clean up roadsides in Horn Lake.

Leon, the director of our efforts, began to rattle off the groups who had backed out because of the cold and potential rain. 283 more words

Let God's Peace Serve

Let the Peace of God Serve: A Devotional by Rick Renner Dated: January 1 

Let the Peace of God serve as an Umpire For Your Mind and Emotions! 749 more words


The New and Improved Way for Sponsorship

New innovations and creation are changing the way that people live and act.  Social media is playing a huge part in the evolution of who we are and how we act.  659 more words


Far is Near and Near is Far

Listen to Audio Here.

Luke 15:28-30
28 “But he was angry and would not go in. Therefore his father came out and pleaded with him. 974 more words

U N I T E D - U N I Together Evangelize & Disciple

Should Christian Business Owners Serve the Homosexual Community?

You’ve likely seen or heard the news of Indiana governor Mike Pence signing legislation to “protect” religious freedom and to give Christian business owners the right to refuse service to those who are homosexual. 77 more words

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