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Volunteer Opportunity: Halloweekend

Volunteers are needed for Camp Newaygo’s community festival, “Halloweekend” on Friday, October 27th through Sunday, October 29th. They will need 15 volunteers to help face paint, lead spooky cabin tours, run Halloween bingo, help with crafts, pumpkin painting, and more. 68 more words



Patience, one of the great virtues and gifts of the spirit – unfortunately patience got left off the list when my gifts were being handed out. 194 more words


Who Will You Serve Today?

There are so many things in this world today that are stealing our attention away from God and we are letting them. Many of us think and believe, that after we accept Christ and believe,  then we’ve made or choice of Who we are going to serve forever. 681 more words

Small Groups

As local church communities grow into large congregations it gets harder for the church leadership to address all the needs of the larger growing congregation.   Creating small groups / home groups is a strategy to help fulfill the material and spiritual needs.  2,013 more words


A Godly Husband

The God ordained responsibilities of a Husband are established by God for his will and purpose in this world as a visible reflection of God himself.  663 more words


A Godly Wife

This is a hot topic of our age.  Despite how the world may try to define spousal roles; God gives us how He has made the ordained role and how it pleases him.  1,087 more words



One of THE most important aspects of Christianity is the direct connection to God that is only allowed through faith in Jesus Christ.  What do we pray for and how should we pray to a all power all knowing absolutely holy God? 1,724 more words