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The never final, always subject to revision article on how to build a Satellite TV PVR distribution system using TVHeadEnd


I’ve wanted to write an article to help new users set up a working PVR backend system for our peculiar type of North American free-to-air satellite for quite some time, but have never felt as though I had the all the pieces to do it right. 11,376 more words


Install and Configure Monit web interface

Install Monit

Monit is easiest to install through apt-get:

$ sudo apt-get install monit

Once monit downloads, you can add programs and processes to the configuration file: 650 more words

Ruby On Rails

Assignment to read-only properties is not allowed in strict mode

Using JavaScript to apply CSS to Internet Explorer/Edge returns ‘Assignment to read-only properties is not allowed in strict mode’

I encounted a silly mistake on my behalf the other day when programming some JavaScript DOM. 215 more words


Turn a Raspberry Pi into an always on, BitTorrent client with Snappy Ubuntu Core

Update, August 2016

This guide is for the late-2015’s release of Ubuntu Core for Raspberry Pi 2 that is based Ubuntu 15.04.

Canonical has since made that release redundant with their newer… 2,059 more words


Paralogue 25 - 4/21/16

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CupOfStarshine- 04/21/2016

Swing, swing, swing. Monotonus as always. Practice is usually like this. If only Theodore wasn’t so hesitant on fighting, things would be much easier for him to act. 9,173 more words

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Paralogue 24 - 4/20/16

Nothing really happened today, guess everyone was burnt out from the frestival

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Corian sits in the dimly-lit camp library. He’s studying some of the notes he’s been taking on hexes… and the dead Flux tome lies to his side. 1,336 more words

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Paralogue 23 - 4/19/16

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jddaepicboss- 04/19/2016

Bedivere is reading “Awakener,” on his trusty old tree stump near the sick bay.

Loyal- 04/19/2016

Corian walks out of a supply tent, in borrowed green robes. 2,800 more words

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