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TURN Server | Installation & Configuration On AWS

This blog post describes the way how to deploy and configure Google TURN server with all required steps. Mainly this installation and configuration has been tested on AWS(Amazon Web Services) cloud computer and confirmed. 499 more words


Installing and configuring NXserver on CentOS machine

NXserver is a specific method for remote desktop for any OS platform. If we want to access a remote server using remote desktop, NXserver is the solution, so user can access the machine via a GUI interface by using the AXserver.  766 more words


Google App Engine: Setting up GAE Local Development Server

In this blog post I’m going to show you about install and setting up Google Cloud SDK in Local computer environment for Go / Golang web development, my current computer runs Ubuntu 14.04 as primary os but I’m quite sure that the following steps run on the latest Ubuntu as well. 121 more words

Article points out several coding errors in MediaPortal 2

I’m not a big fan of using Windows for anything unless you absolutely need to, but for those who do, one of the more widely used Windows-based PVR backend and frontend software packages is… 451 more words


Windows DHCP not Updating DNS

Our 2012R2 DC’s do DHCP and DNS for our environment, but I found that our client’s DNS addresses were frequently incorrect, even though DHCP is supposed to update DNS with the correct entry.   61 more words


VM Provision In Google Cloud Platform

Following is the way to create an Google Cloud account.

Load the Google cloud platform URL and signup with the appropriate details. While creating account you will be asked to enter your credit card details, don’t worry about it because they are offering $300 free 60 days for our experimentations. 393 more words