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GitLab Installation | CentOS 6.x

This tutorial describes the steps to be installed GitLab WebUI server on CentOS 6.x edition. Before we move forward, let’s see what is this GitLab, it’s a web based code repository for management , review and issue tracking. 300 more words


AWS CodePipeline for Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration

AWS Codepipeline is one of the best CI/CD tool and which can be configured from developers’ code changes through production deployment. This tool visualizes and automates workflow and can be integrated with pre-configured tools to make the flow easier. 365 more words


Automate EC2 Instance Start/Stop Using AWS Lambda.

AWS is one of the most purpler cloud service providers and most of the companies, individuals are using features are used in here. If user wants to start/stop EC2 instances after the R&D is done, why do we pay more for some 3rd party applications. 574 more words


Blank browser tabs with HTTP2

I was reconfiguring a nginx server to add HTTP2 support with ALPN plus add some updates to its Content Security Policy. Everything worked fine when testing and troubleshooting with Chrome. 179 more words


TURN Server | Installation & Configuration On AWS

This blog post describes the way how to deploy and configure Google TURN server with all required steps. Mainly this installation and configuration has been tested on AWS(Amazon Web Services) cloud computer and confirmed. 499 more words


Installing and configuring NXserver on CentOS machine

NXserver is a specific method for remote desktop for any OS platform. If we want to access a remote server using remote desktop, NXserver is the solution, so user can access the machine via a GUI interface by using the AXserver.  766 more words