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An Interesting Dilemma

Currently my Computer Technician class is working on a Dell Poweredge 2800 server and we have hit a wall.  We have replaced the motherboard, the riser card, the RAM, the processors, and every major component that is available and still this thing will not even post.   108 more words

Computer Science

Why More is More - Application Design

With the simplification of infrastructure management that comes with moving towards the cloud; this may be private, public or hybrid; it means that IT departments are now being pushed to innovate more on the software level than they have been before. 444 more words


Export User List of AD Security Group

If you need to get a list of all members in an AD Security Group, open up powershell and try the following commands from a DC: 45 more words


A Simple Concept, Remote Office, Small Business Virtualised Design

Today I am going to be doing something slightly different compared to what I normally do for these posts. I normally find a topic to talk about and provide you information about it. 467 more words


Ports, ports and more ports. A tale of bandwidth.

This week we will be looking at bandwidth and the growing requirements upon it, as per normal there are multiple drivers for moving to a higher bandwidth network. 611 more words


Scott-Server vs. ESXi

So, decided to mess around with ESXi on Scott-Server to see if it could handle the needs I would use it for in different virtual machines or VMs. 440 more words


Au Contraire - Why Not To Virtualise

This post is likely to be one of the more controversial that I put up. There are many people who will say that everything can, and even, should be virtualised. 451 more words