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Filesystem /dev/xvda1 size full issue fixed.

  1. root@server [/]# df -h /
  2.  root@server [/]# du -hs /* 2>/dev/null | grep G
  3. root@server [/]# for i in /backup /home /usr /var; do echo “___ $i ___”; du -h –max-depth=1 $i; echo; done
Server Administration

Connect to serial console from Linux command line

The easiest way to connect to a serial console from Linux command line is using the screen command. In my example below, I will show you how to connect to a serial console of a server using the serial to usb cable. 8 more words

Server Administration

SSH Key concept in Linux

SSH Key concept in Linux

 SSH – secure shell

              It is used to connect Linux server remote using command line. Also ssh mentioned as secure shell. 1,043 more words

Server Administration

Setup PHP Dev Environment on Mac OS X Sierra - Apache, MySQL & PHPMyAdmin

Getting the development environment right at the start is vitally important to productive application development. Here we will setup a flexible “LAMP” development environment on the latest Mac Os X, El Capitan. 1,271 more words


Linux File System Hierarchy

The file system hierarchy

All files on a Linux system are stored on file systems which are organized into a single inverted tree of directories, know as a file system hierarchy.In the inverted tree, root lies at the top and the branches of directories and sub-directories stretch below the root. 292 more words

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Reset a forgotten ROOT password

For CentOS 6

Option A

1. Boot Computer & Interrupt (Press space).

2. Type ‘a’ for kernel argument.

3. Append 1 at the end of “rhgbquiet” and press ‘Enter’ key to boot in Single mode.

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Server Administration

Install & Configure FTP server on centos 7 (VSFTP)

FTP server is used to exchange files between computers over network . This guide helps you to setup ftp server on centos 7 . This guide contains configuration steps for both FTP and SFTP as well as user creation . 294 more words

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