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List forwarding rules in VirtualBox running headless (even with older VBoxManage versions)

The VBoxManage command is very handy for managing virtual machines in servers running headless. Adding and removing forwarding rules is super simple, you just call for example… 448 more words


Solution for creating an internal FTP account self-management portal with C# and log the accounts to an Excel file

Most of us in the IT industry at some point find ourselves explaining to others that they simply cannot send or receive massive files via their email. 6,313 more words


MCSA/MCSE Windows 2008/2012 Interview Questions

1. What is the location of the Active Directory database?

A: The AD database is stored on domain controllers and can be accessed by network applications. 1,637 more words


Apache Authentication using PAM

Normally, Apache Authentication is using a local passwd file containing username and password hashes. So, each user must provide credentials from scratch in order to have access to the specified directory. 188 more words


Hack the permissions in Linux

Many of you reached here because of the term ‘Hack’. Sorry to say, I have to disappoint you(or may not be!). Here I am just discussing about how the Linux permissions work and not anything about hacking the system in a way script kiddies think. 206 more words

Server Administration

Run a script at boot time in CentOS 7

By default /etc/rc.local and /etc/rc.d/rc.local are no longer executable in CentOS7 with the new systemd-changes. Follow the below steps to make the script /root/g.sh run at boot time: 45 more words


GNU/Linux - Vytvorenie nového užívateľa

Užívateľov väčšinou v Linuxe nevytváram každý deň. Nie je to žiadna zložitá operácia, ale je dobré to zvládnuť na prvýkrát, takže si to vždy veľmi rád zopakujem. 208 more words