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Apache Authentication using PAM

Normally, Apache Authentication is using a local passwd file containing username and password hashes. So, each user must provide credentials from scratch in order to have access to the specified directory. 187 more words


Hack the permissions in Linux

Many of you reached here because of the term ‘Hack’. Sorry to say, I have to disappoint you(or may not be!). Here I am just discussing about how the Linux permissions work and not anything about hacking the system in a way script kiddies think. 206 more words

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Run a script at boot time in CentOS 7

By default /etc/rc.local and /etc/rc.d/rc.local are no longer executable in CentOS7 with the new systemd-changes. Follow the below steps to make the script /root/g.sh run at boot time: 45 more words


GNU/Linux - Vytvorenie nového užívateľa

Užívateľov väčšinou v Linuxe nevytváram každý deň. Nie je to žiadna zložitá operácia, ale je dobré to zvládnuť na prvýkrát, takže si to vždy veľmi rád zopakujem. 208 more words


Adding an AD Security Group to remote Server Administrators with PowerShell

Finally, my team of 1 has become 2. From now on I am not the only point of contact for SQL at my company. I tell you, it is going to be nice to go away without a laptop tucked away in my bags. 292 more words


NFS Server - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about service and clients

Details about service

NFS Server Side running services

                                       NFS support must be enabled in the Linux kernel to function. NFS uses Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to route requests between clients and servers. 205 more words

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Loadbalancing apache webservers using haproxy

Here I am discussing about setting up a loadbalancer using haproxy to load balance two apache

web servers.

ubuntu1 :
ubuntu2 :
ubuntu2 :
… 428 more words
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