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How to Activate KMS and MAK Keys

How to Activate KMS Key for Windows 7 on the KMS Host
  1. Login to your KMS server and open an administrative command prompt.
  2. Type slmgr -ipk <licensekey>
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Server Administration

Create Shared Mailbox Exchange 2010

    1. Open the Exchange Management Shell with administrative Privileges.
    2. Type New-mailbox MailboxName -shared -UserPrincipleName email@domain.com. Press Enter.
    3. Open the Exchange Management Console and right-click your shared mailbox.
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Install Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 Error

In Exchange 2010, you get an error

Setup previously failed while performing the action Install. You can resume setup by performing the action “BuildToBuildUpgrade.”

To fix this, do the following:

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Retrieve the GUID of Installed Programs

Here’s how to retrieve the GUID of installed programs in Windows. This can be useful in situations where the Event Viewer lists the GUID of a program causing issues, but not the name. 32 more words


How to SSH into a server using IPv6

Secure Shell also known as SSH allows you to log into a remote machine. For example, to log in to a remote machine with a domain name called ( 156 more words


PowerShell: Create Active Directory Users From CSV File — Stick To The Script!

For years I’ve had a AD user import VBS script as part of my toolkit, I thought it was about time to update it to PowerShell as well as add a few new features.

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Information Technology

Keyboard copy paste shortcuts in putty commandline

Everyone know how to copy and paste characters in putty terminal using mouse (in case you don’t know, selecting the characters using mouse automatically copies and right click paste it) but less people know that it is possible with keyboard as well. 16 more words