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Server Market Devlopment

 The rise of x86 chips is significant in the server market – see how the proportions and values of chip types has evolved over the last 40 quarters. 33 more words


Converged Infrastructure And Integrated Systems Research

Didcot/Monnickendam, December 7th 2012 – ITCandor and The METISfiles announce a joint multi-client study on the future of converged infrastructure and integrated systems.

ITCandor and The METISfiles believe vendors are shifting towards supplying new types of integrated systems incorporating server, networking, storage and infrastructure software. 326 more words


Dell Primes PartnerDirect Channels For Windows Server 2012 Upgrades

Dell, Microsoft Windows Server Highlights

  • Readies its PartnerDirect channel for Microsoft’s new operating system
  • The ending of support for Windows 2003 in July 2015 creates a call to action for customers…
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IBM Announces Power 7+ Servers – A Better Fit For Cloud Computing

Power 7+ Highlights

  • Increases the number of virtual machines from 10 to 20 per core – decreasing the minimum processor resource to 5% for software development…
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Cloud Computing

Microsoft Results - The Shapes Of Things To Come

Microsoft Q1 2012 Highlights

  • Achieves record $18 billion and $74 billion revenues for its fourth quarter and financial year
  • Posts its first ever loss of $474 million for the quarter, due to a goodwill impairment charge of $6.2 billion associated with aQuantive…
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The $15.3 Billion Server Market - Surprisingly Buoyant In Q1 2012

Q1 2012 Server Update

  • Q1 was surprisingly buoyant, although the worsening economy threatens a decline in coming quarters
  • The market grew 1% to $15.3 Billion in the quarter…
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Cloud Computing

IBM Launches PureSystems – An Integrated Compute, Storage, Networking and Middleware Approach

IBM PureSystems Highlights

  • Launches PureFlex and PureApplication – the first of a family of expert integrated systems accommodating compute, storage, networking and middleware
  • A physical manifestation of its Cloud reference architecture…
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