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Why Cloud Server Hosting & Computing Matters In Today's Digital Scenario

Cloud computing is a service provider of Internet which provides you with e-mail, data storage and web hosting services. If your business is already on the Internet, you are on a cloud service too. 458 more words

Azure Cloud Services

Ark: Xbox One & PC Server Hosting

For many playing the Xbox version of Ark and hoping to host a server, there is news in regards to a PC hosting. In the latest Community Crunch and Ark Digest, a forum user asked about co-op and split screen with a PC host and the Xbox One. 194 more words


How Colocation Helps Businesses with Need for Low Latency and Scalability

Colocation has helped many companies over the past few years to set up dynamic, scalable, high-speed, low latency and a competitive IT environment. Investing capital expenditure into… 470 more words

Colocation Server

How a Bad Hosting Service Could Ruin Your Business

A good website plays a vital role in boosting sales revenue. A stylishly designed website with meaningful and resourceful content alone cannot augment sales. An entrepreneur fails to realize the contribution of a good… 499 more words

Dedicated Server

Shared Server Hosting & Server Security

Shared server hosting plans cannot be undermined as it is a start up company’s best friend. So, you cannot ignore its importance. With shared server hosting, your website gets hosted for the first time on the World Wide Web. 268 more words

Dedicated Exchange

You've Just Been Served - 3 Reasons Why You Should Host a Server

Hosting your own server is all about control. Whether you want to ban some scrubs on Team Fortress 2, create your own website, or transfer your favorite gifs to and from your home computer, owning a static IP address will let you host your own server and take full control. 401 more words

Static IP Address