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10/10/15: Daily Post

I have not been able to log into the server to post photos for several days now. It is exceptionally irritating, as I cannot update my weather blog, or add photos to this website until that is fixed. 143 more words

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Due to Server Failure, Dear Friends&Lovers Here Take My Alternative E-mail

Due to Server Failure, Dear Friends&Lovers Here Take My Alternative E-mail

I would be extremely sorry if I say I have been facing some technical problems in my websites and e-mail services recently due to some Server maintenance issues. 53 more words

Alternative E-mail

Servers Down

Hey there….yaaaaaawwwnnnn!!

As you’ve all pretty much figured out by now, servers are down. Hang in there. It’s 5am in TinyCo land. Hopefully it’ll be back soon. 57 more words

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Dell PowerEdge Server Repair Is Critical

I don’t know what to say about the recent Dell PowerEdge servers. I think even if you didn’t have thousands of them, they were actually pretty decent servers that were solidly constructed. 833 more words

Buffering: What Is It & What Can Be Done About It?


No matter if your movie choice is Spiderman or one of the hundreds of movies available through VStream, sometimes buffering is an issue. But what exactly does that mean? 742 more words


Battlefield Hardline - Review

I’m going to break away from my usual stream of articles here and go off on a slight tangent. When I set up this blog I wanted to talk about loads of games, but especially Ubisoft games. 628 more words


I believe in myself

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Saturday January 24, 2015

Yawn, I’m sleepy and I’m one of those nights that is not my routine. 276 more words