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Rainbow Six Siege

In the late 90’s, or pre 9/11, I was introduced to the game called Rainbow Six by my uncle. This was the first game where I learned how to hack a game and edit the various stages and scenarios by determining how many enemies there would be, dictating the path that they would roam, how sensitive they are to noise and movement, and their level of difficulty. 207 more words

Random Rant

Lotro: Jinxed It!

Aiiiiiiiii expectation posts are unlucky charms. I jinxed it. As soon as Lotro’s new data center went live after the downtime, I tried getting in game and faced a couple of issues. 195 more words


Devilian Server Hiccups

Players of the just launched title Devilian found themselves in a game without any server issues… or so it seemed.

During the first 2 days of the launch of the game there were no problems, not even queues to hold up players. 577 more words

News Discussion

10/10/15: Daily Post

I have not been able to log into the server to post photos for several days now. It is exceptionally irritating, as I cannot update my weather blog, or add photos to this website until that is fixed. 143 more words

Social Events

Due to Server Failure, Dear Friends&Lovers Here Take My Alternative E-mail

Due to Server Failure, Dear Friends&Lovers Here Take My Alternative E-mail

I would be extremely sorry if I say I have been facing some technical problems in my websites and e-mail services recently due to some Server maintenance issues. 53 more words

Alternative E-mail

Servers Down

Hey there….yaaaaaawwwnnnn!!

As you’ve all pretty much figured out by now, servers are down. Hang in there. It’s 5am in TinyCo land. Hopefully it’ll be back soon. 57 more words

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

Dell PowerEdge Server Repair Is Critical

I don’t know what to say about the recent Dell PowerEdge servers. I think even if you didn’t have thousands of them, they were actually pretty decent servers that were solidly constructed. 833 more words