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Saturday Morning Rant: Day 1 Server Issues

You’re a video game developer. You’re a Triple-A video game developer, to be specific. You have a major game release coming up. It’s a game that will require an online connection to play. 671 more words

Video Games

Destiny: Rise of Frustration? 

Hello All,
So today is the day we have all be waiting for, September 20th. The release of Rise of Iron! All is right with the world! 208 more words

What is a DDoS Attack?

It is easy to feel like you don’t know what the hell is going on in the world. You’re allowed to be into gaming without having an intricate knowledge of all things tech. 831 more words


Pokémon GO Has Now Released in Another 26 European Countries

Niantic must have got bored with the softly, softly approach because now they have kicked down the door in door, stormed the premises and released… 239 more words


Pokémon GO’s Global Release on Pause

If you are in Europe, Canada or South Africa, territories that were recently promised Pokémon GO is “coming soon,” expect to wait a lot longer because… 257 more words


Rainbow Six Siege

In the late 90’s, or pre 9/11, I was introduced to the game called Rainbow Six by my uncle. This was the first game where I learned how to hack a game and edit the various stages and scenarios by determining how many enemies there would be, dictating the path that they would roam, how sensitive they are to noise and movement, and their level of difficulty. 207 more words

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Lotro: Jinxed It!

Aiiiiiiiii expectation posts are unlucky charms. I jinxed it. As soon as Lotro’s new data center went live after the downtime, I tried getting in game and faced a couple of issues. 195 more words